Yippee! It’s officially spring and rides are springing up all over! My mini-vacation is officially kicked off and I’ll be back in town before I know it and off to some fun rides with friends. One of the coolest things about May is it’s Motorcycle Awareness Month! Look for the overhead freeway alert signs to bear messages of interest to motorcycles and of course with the standard warning, “Look Twice! Motorcycles are Everywhere!” brought to us by the hard-working members of ABATE of California! Speaking of ABATE, their 21st annual ABATE Regional Rally is on May 8–10 in Victorville at the Shady Oasis Kampground located at 16530 Stoddard Wells Rd. up in Victorville. Check out the website www.abatesrr.com for the details that I forget in my little space. Just know that this is always a low-key, fun event, where all makes and all riders are welcome. There is a pool onsite, a small store, motorhome hook-ups, tent camping, a horseshoe contest, an observation run, a bike show—I can go on, but you should check it out yourself! Always a bargain and a fun event. Visit their website to get the early admission price… As a bunch of you are going, I’m fairly sure the Run for the Wall is on the top of many lists. Look for tons of flag waving at overpasses as it kicks off here in SoCal on May 13. One of the biggies is at Wall Bridge in North Palm Springs. The Iron Horse Marines Foundation started the tradition over there and now it’s helped out with the Cathedral City Rotary Club and the Healing Fields Project, with the donation of flags for everyone who comes out to cheer on the riders that morning… Saturday, May 16, join Valley V-Twin as they help celebrate Indio’s 85th Birthday Celebration, which includes food trucks, barbecue, a kid’s carnival, and a car and motorcycle show (both shows include trophies!). The bike show is helped out with the addition of Lee Chandrasena from Palm Springs Motorsports, Mike Roach of Palm Springs Harley-Davidson and Sgt. Jeff Merritt of the Indio Police Department as official judges… Been awhile since I’ve had any Brad Wilson appearances down here in SoCal—I’m here to change that today, as he has a couple bottom half-of-the-state appearances coming up in May. Look for Brad and his special brand of blues at Shoreline Village on May 23 and Mickey’s in Lemoore on May 22… Now for the ever-popular birthday parties in May, starting out with Hank Eylicia—hope your May birthday is a good one. Same for Tom Mennig and Richard Heller! Peggy Boyar is in Albuquerque, but you’re still here in our hearts; hope your special day is super! Penny Gage, you have a super sweet birthday too! Danny Bagley, you have a great day! Mitch Bergeron (of Biker Build-Off fame), hope your birthday is as cool as your bikes! Maricruz Trevino, you have a great birthday, girlfriend! ABATE 19’s own Lynette Snyder is celebrating a birthday in early May; hope it’s a good one. Enjoy those grandbabies, honey! The CREW’s Dave Gedigian is also having a birthday this month; I know your girls will have something special planned! Mike Reese also of the CREW is celebrating his birthday on the same day as Dave. And right at the end of the month—Bob Ewing, hope your day is excellent!… Joe Andrade, you have a fun day too. Happy Birthday Sporty Mulligan—hope this one’s spent in better spirits than last year’s. Bob Laidlaw turned 84 last month and I missed it, but Laidlaw’s threw him a Big Daddy Birthday Bash. Sure hope it was a fun one, Bob!… And last, my bestie, Halle Fetty of Valley V-Twin, happy birthday, my friend! I hope your day is fabulous!… Nice hearing from Mel Skaggs. Same goes for my new friend Bob Lawson! Always nice hearing from you, Bob!… Joe DuBoise, here’s hoping you’re recovering after your April crash. I know the Cancun respite was a help, but you need more, my friend! Keep up the perseverance on the no smoking—I know you can do it!… Cindy Gano, glad everything was excellent on your annual Highway Workers Ride!…That’s mostly it for May; I always forget stuff, but I know I can count on you folks to remind me next month! And if you don’t, no worries; I’ll come up with stuff on my own. Maybe. See you all next month. In the meantime, open up the THUNDER PRESS event calendar and go find something to do! Enjoy your ride, folks; I know I will!


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