I look forward to May because that’s when I always take my “spring break” which is an annual sis/girlfriend week’s worth of vacation. This year’s is once again up to Cambria, where we will shop, eat, cook, play cards, hike and chat. Always a fun event, and of course I promise to miss work terribly. Sure I will. Thanks for taking care of my customers Todd Cashman!… Did you know May 6 is International Female Ride Day? Cool, huh?… Have you ever attended the West Coast Thunder event? It’s pretty awesome. Held in honor of Memorial Day on May 29. Check out their website: Westcoasthunder.com or log into Riverside Harley-Davidson’s site for more info… As you might already know, May brings a few events; one of the coolest is the Run For the Wall. On May 17, there’s a pretty awesome tribute to it, in the form of the annual Flags Across the Wall Bridge to welcome the Run for the Wall riders as they enter the Coachella Valley on the I-10 for their first fuel stop. Tuck Broich and daughter Amy Broich coordinate this event and provide big, beautiful U.S. flags for all the participants to hold. Want to be one of those flag wavers? Be on the Wall Bridge (just west of the Indian Avenue off ramp) no later than 8:30 am. Or, better yet? Ride under it! It’s super cool!… May is also a month of several birthdays. If you’re one of ’em and I forgot you—damn! I’m sorry. Remind me at hazyondetails@aol.com. I won’t forget you again! But here are the ones I didn’t forget! Hope you guys all have excellent celebrations! Hank Eylicia—hope your May birthday is a good one. Laurie Skochil have lots of fun! Same for Sucky Biker Bowler Tom Mennig. Richard Heller, you have a great day too! Peggy Boyar though you’re in Albuquerque, hope your special day is super! Penny Gage, you have an excellent birthday too! Mark Skochil, hope you have a fun birthday. Same goes for Dean Wallace—you have a great day! Danny Bagley, have fun celebrating your birthday! Hope you’re still enjoying that retirement! Amy Martinez, here’s wishing you lots of fun and love on your birthday too! Wyatt Bockler, have a great day too! Maricruz Trevino, you have a great birthday girlfriend! ABATE 19’s own Lynette Snyder is celebrating a birthday in early May, hope it’s a good one, enjoy those grandbabies honey! The CREW’s Dave Gedigian is also having a birthday this month; I know your girls will have something special planned! Mike Reese also of the CREW is celebrating his birthday on the same day as Dave. And right at the end of the month—Bob Ewing, hope your day is excellent!… Joe Andrade, you have a fun day too. Happy Birthday Sporty Mulligan—have a good day my friend. Bob Laidlaw, I think I missed your birthday again last month. Sure hope it was a fun one Bob!… And speaking of missing birthdays, I missed Ron Vanyo’s too. Sorry Ron, but I know your honey Christine made is super special! And last, my bestie, Halle Fetty of Valley V-Twin, happy birthday my friend! I hope this finds you feeling better each day as you recover from back to back surgeries… Sgt. Jeff Merritt is still doing everything his physical therapists make him do so he can get back on his feet. He can always use your healing prayers though. You can pick up your Merritt Strong bracelets benefiting Jeff and his family for $5 each at Valley V-Twin. Also on the well wishes list, Marcia Reich, hope this finds you all finished with chemo. Same goes for Georja Cockrell. Love both you wonderful ladies, keep on doing fabulous!… That’s what I have for this month’s Hazy on the Details. Don’t forget your mom on Mother’s Day May 14. And if you have a loved one in the military, don’t forget Armed Forces Day on May 20. May 12 brings you Military Spouse Appreciation Day… Sure is a lot to remember in May, isn’t there? See you all next month! In the meantime? Enjoy the ride—we sure have some great weather for it!


  1. My wife and I take our vacation every May and we too head up the coast to Cambria.
    It’s our “place” and we absolutely dig it.
    Beautiful ride up 101, great view from the hotel room we always book in advance, and the food…..fresh fish & chips, juicy greasy cheeseburgers, and of course at least one nice lobster or crab dinner.
    Do you ride with a group or with a couple of friends?
    Thanks for the article.


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