And it starts! The “official” holiday season. Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Of course I can; my sis Laurie and I start the meal planning on our September vacation together. While on that same vacation, my sis Margy sent me her authorization for the Air Force Fly-over for her city’s Veteran’s Day Parade (Fairfield, if you’re of a mind to see it—pretty breathtaking!) Honda Ray’s right on top of it, reminding me of the 27th annual Totally Kids One More From the Heart Ride (November 12). It’s my favorite no-frills ride of the year. Come to think of it, it’s my only no-frills ride, but worth every minute of it. Honda Ray and many friends (they’re legion!) put on this event with the help of the wonderful management at the Totally Kids facility out in Loma Linda. This is a fundraiser for a facility that has very little government funding. These developmentally disabled children are often with the hospital from birth until their teens. There really isn’t money in the facility’s budget for fun and that’s where Honda Ray and his cohorts come in. They find donors for flat screens for each room, DVD players, music, games, sheets and bedding. The list is very specific; feel free to log onto Totally Kids Facebook page for the list. This is not a teddy bear ride… My wrecking yard buddy Jeff Givens is supposed to send me numerous updates as the planning goes into the Rockabilly Extravaganza on November 25. I’m still waiting, so I’ve been left to my own devices, which I can handle. This is a ginormous event and it’s kid friendly too, if you got kids bent that way. For them, look for pedal car drags, soap box derby, or rides in World War ll planes. For the big kids, there are multiple live bands, a record hop, a pinup contest and lots more; hit the Riverside Airport early and spend the day looking at the many cars and motorcycles, enjoying the music, carnival rides and food!… Got a few birthdays in November too, so if you’re one of those, and not in here, just shoot me a reminder, I’ll get to you! Happiest of birthdays to Marina Sanchez. And Dave Woods, hope your day is fun. Happy day to Kathy Page (who gave up her Iron Pony for Tennessee Walking horses!) And happy birthday to Joshua Armendariz. Bill Williams, you have a great day. And Halle says to wish Nina Kessler (Halle Fetty’s sis) a great birthday; here’s hoping you’re going to celebrate in style! Corey Simmons down in Australia, hope you’re planning something fun. Jim Shuler, you have yourself a good day too! Wynn Storton, hoping this birthday’s the best! And Donna Cox, you have a fun day too! Ashley Collins, here’s wishing you a lovely birthday. And to our own Wendy Perry, hope this birthday finds you with a brand new driveway! Terry Wallgren, hope your birthday is way cool! When are you and Mary coming down to say howdy? We miss you! Ed Fortelny, hope your November 2 birthday is a fun day with the family. Dave St. Peter, hope this November 7 is your best yet. Steve Cockrell of the CREW, sure hope your birthday is perfect. Annette Seay, also of the CREW, you have a nice birthday. Birthday greetings go out to Jim Smyth too. Cindy Gano from up north, have lots of celebrations (we sure miss you down here Cindy!). Happy birthday wishes to Michelle Smith. Also birthday congrats go out to Charles Frey. Happy November 3 birthday to ABATE 1’s Steve Broughton too! I always appreciate the updates, Steve. Happy Birthday to the CREW’s Richard Bush. And happiest of birthdays to Jeff Givens! A little out of my area, but when have I ever let that stop me? Happy birthday to Jim Morrow in Detroit! JoAnn Ewing of Arkansas, hope this year’s birthday is an all-time great one! And to Idaho’s Jerry Grusell, hope this finds you spending winter somewhere warm—like here in So Cal? Happy birthday on October 30 to Bob Lawson. And to finish up the birthdays—make it a happy 242nd to the Marines! Finally, in memory of George and Halle’s dad, I hope there are happy memories on his November 28 birthday… Joan Taylor, hope this finds you further on your way to recovery. Same goes to Scott Jones, here’s hoping both of you are feeling much better! To LKQ’s Dean Griep, a big THUNDER PRESS howdy to ya! Always nice hearing from you (and your reminders that you’re a reader!). Ashley Collins—so sorry about your recent loss… keeping you in our thoughts… Remind me if you’ve got a special place that needs some recognition; you know the routine! If you’ve run out of events and just don’t know what to do with your weekend, you know where to find the updated THUNDER PRESS events page, yes? That’s it for November; hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving! If you love a veteran, give ’em a hug, and as always, our sincere thanks. See you all next month; enjoy your ride!


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