It’s been an awesome summer and fall so far. Great trip up to Donner Lake for my fall vacation with sisters and friends. All my scooter friends regaled me with Facebook pictures of their H.O.G. Rally and I can see they all had a great time! I really appreciate going on rides with my friends vicariously. When I can’t go to Daytona, Richard Hestlow, Jim Ferrand, Rick Brogden and Bob Ewing all take me via their posts. When a bunch of them go up north, I get to visit Mary and Terry Wallgren, whether I’m there or not. My LOC pal Anita Aguirre takes me to the football games and on vacation with her and Gabe. Paul Domingue took me to Sturgis with him and the rest of the guys. Flagman Frank—I’ve been on all your fundraisers. So—to all you folks that I get to ride with via Facebook—thanks!… October doesn’t have a boatload of rides but the ones I have are some fairly worthwhile affairs. Nice hearing from Gene Hobde who let me know the American Legion Riders will be hosting their Second annual Salute to the Veterans Run on October 22. The ride sign in is from 8:00–9:45 a.m. at the American Legion Post #519 at 400 N. Belardo in Palm Springs. Look for that to have more than sign-in; breakfast, bagpipe, chapter challenge and more. The ride will kick off at 10:00 a.m. sharp. The ride ends at the American Legion Post#739 at 44-200 Sun Gold in Indio with a barbecue lunch for the first 200 riders, lots of raffles, friends and live music. This is a big weekend in Palm Springs, with an air museum flyover, Navy Seals parachute jump, vendors and live music. You can pre-reg at alrindio.org. The weather should be just about ideal for riding—sounds like a great event, with a ton of planning for their second annual ride… As always, nice to hear from Jeff Givens, handing me up the first of many reminders for this year’s Rockabilly Extravaganza on November 26 at the Riverside Airport. This is cars, motorcycles, live music (sooo much live music!), World War II plane rides, pin-up contests, record hop, pedal car drags—have I got your attention yet? There is so much going on at this event, I can’t tell you anywhere near all in my limited space, but I’ll give you a tad more next month too… Haven’t heard from my pal Honda Ray in quite a while. He’s usually given me the heads up for the Totally Kids ride by now. Let’s just pencil it in for November 6 or 13. It’s always the one ride I try not to miss… I’ve got a few birthday wishes and the first is for our own Gail Chambers—happy birthday, honey! Cat Minter, happy birthday and congrats on your upcoming grandbaby! Joe Howells, happiest of birthdays! Joaquin Murguia, hope your birthday is fun! Christine Madruga from the Pet Rescue Center—you do so much worthwhile kindness, you deserve the best ever birthday! John Pena, have a great day! Monica Mazet, hope your birthday is filled with friends and fun. Alice Broich (Amy’s mom), have a fun get-together with family and friends! Jamie Francis, hope your birthday is a special one this year! Steve Fetty—you’re not in my region back there in Tennessee, but happy birthday to you! Halle said so! Ernie Franco, have a fun birthday too! Teresa “Trauma Mama” McClelland in Arizona, hope your birthday is lots of good times. Jason Rayburn of Drag Specialties—hope your birthday is super! Sucky Bowler Dene Shaver, you have a fun birthday—maybe spend it bowling? Marti Hall, hope you have a sweet birthday! Tami Gedigian of the CREW, hope your honey, Dave and your little girl Alexis give you the best birthday ever! Splatt, hope your Disneyland trip was fun and hope you have a great birthday dude! Quit being a stranger! Kirsten in Australia gets to read this birthday wish online via Halle Fetty’s Facebook forwards. Another CREW member, Shelly Coleman, is having a birthday—hope it’s fun. Charlie Powers, the best neighbor ever, hope your birthday is fun. I know Jeanie and the gang will make it so! Kevin Kreutzer, hope this birthday wish finds you well. Wild Bill Hartley, hope you’re having a fun birthday there in your Arizona home. Mark Dentrice, hoping you found a place to hang for your birthday up in Crestline! And of course happy birthday to Bob Lawson—keep those birthday trips going, my friend! Chuck Dozier, hope this birthday finds you well on your road to recovery and enjoying your new life in Hawaii… Happy anniversary to Gabe and Anita Aguirre on October 9… Happy 13th anniversary to Valley V-Twin this month too! And while on the subject of VVT, Halle, sorry that recent carpal tunnel surgery is still giving you pain; I know it’ll get better eventually!… Thanks for the couple nice articles on lane splitting, Hank Hallmark! Nice running into high-desert rider Twyla Bowman at Tangles in Rancho!… That’s it for this month—you know the routine—send me your stuff! Till we meet again—enjoy your ride!


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