Most of you have already managed to make it back from Sturgis, and I’ve gotta say, it was a lot of fun tracking folks across the country on their trip to the Black Hills (and beyond) via Facebook this year. Mark and Tina Wingo, your posts were great (but they always are, no matter if you’re on Catalina or out on a ride). Dave Warren from Higgins Auto in Bakersfield, along with his wife Cheri and crew of fine hardtail riders, Robert VanLingen, Steve Sharp, and Steve and Carla Margerson; you have my admiration for riding ’em, not trailering! Looks like you guys had a great time… Mike Reese, Bill Balas and Richard Hestlow, you are still on the road as I write this. Mike, your shots keep getting better. Richard, yours are few and far between, but at least they’re still coming… Bill, I haven’t seen a post from you at all! What’s up with that?… Larry Jarvis, you’ve been rather quiet—hardly any photos, but I’ve done my best to keep your Susie entertained. We spent one whole Saturday together and we sure had fun! I know it will come as a surprise to you, but we shopped and drank wine, among other things… Jim Vargo, you’ve been sending some nice shots, too… Anna, your excellent daughter Carleen’s shots from Mexico have been great! Almost like going on vacation myself (not quite, but still nice)… Hi-ya’s go out to Cliff Harrington up at the Rim Sports Bar in Crestline, as well as Phil Woods who’s also in Crestline. Phil and my customer, Mark Dentree, came down the mountain on a quest for old truck parts (that I couldn’t supply him with, wahh!). Good seeing both of you! And funny who you meet in the wrecking yard; one of my shops called and asked for a Yukon wheel the other day. He told me he was just going to send his customer over to see me. Who should show up but one of my riding buddies in the CREW, Greg Hall. He had no idea I worked in a wrecking yard. Hope you have a safe trip across the country to drop your granddaughter at her North Carolina college, Greg! Sounds like a fun road trip!… Nice chatting (and getting orders from Paul and brother Glenn) with the Clements at A&H Auto Repair in Redlands. Paul’s been riding since he was 7 and he’s currently on a Fat Boy…Congrats to Halle Fetty at Valley V-Twin on receiving your general ham radio operator’s license!… For you Brad Wilson fans, he has a few appearances in almost-SoCal this month. Look for him in Porterville on September 13–14 at the Eagle Mountain Casino and in Paso Robles on the 21st at the Calcareous Winery (great name!)… Lots of birthdays this month, so let’s get these parties started: Happy birthday Dennis Britton and Jessie Massoudi—hope your birthdays are fun ones! Happy birthdays to Joyce Donaldson (of Indio’s Chamber of Commerce) and Chris Mooney. Valley V-Twin’s own mechanic, Roberto Raygada, will take a break from turning wrenches in the back with George to celebrate his birthday. Kelly Broich is also having a September birthday—have a great one, Miss Kelly! Joe Knotts, Trace Paredes, Eric Skelton and Josh Carmer—you desert folks all share birthdays this month, too. The word is out; now we all know what your parents were doing for New Year’s Eve! Hope your special days are all great! Also, happy birthday to Lexie Fetty’s boyfriend, Steven Estudillo… Sandie Dubois, congrats on your recent second place win in your body builders competition!… Christine Vanyo—enjoy your stint going back to school. Good luck getting that back-to-school wardrobe, honey!… Get-well wishes to John Ewing; hope it’s going better… Also on the get-well bandwagon is Sporty, who is coming along after his recent crash—even with the pins and crutches. Same goes for Steve Broughton with a broken foot. Hope you’re doing better, too, Steve… So, September 19 is “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”—who thinks of these things? With that, I think that’s it for me this month, mateys! See you all in October (can this be true already?). Here in SoCal, we’ve still got plenty of riding to do before winter sets in (in January). As always, send me your stuff! You know what I like; bring it on! Great rides, biker-friendly places to eat and visit. See you out there—enjoy your ride!



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