Yahoo! The dread heat of a SoCal summer is nowhere near at its end, just because school has started for many of you. For me, it means another month and a half of the heat I really don’t like much. Traffic always gets a lot suckier after school starts too—why is that? Is it that college students can’t drive? Are there that many of you really? More than likely I’ll never get the answer. Most of you have finished up your August journeys to Sturgis and beyond. I do know just a few, who’ve kept up the trips, but they’re the retired folks who have nothing to do but travel! Have fun—and you know who you are! My fun summer of music and plays has dwindled down. Looking forward to our CREW annual birthday party, it’s always a kick in the butt—and as always, thank you Jim Ferrand for offering up your super party house for the festivities!
I always think of New Year’s Eve when I run by the September birthdays—and there’s quite a few of them, if that tells you anything. For the very first August birthday (OK, really July 31), I’d like to welcome the newest member of the THUNDER PRESS family—baby Laurel Catherine was welcomed by mama/editor Cristy Pazera and new hubby Jason Gorter! What a tiny, adorable biker! Congratulations you two! So happy for both of you! Now on to the rest of you New Year’s babies!… Robert Raygada, from Bert’s Mega Mall, have a super birthday!… Jennifer Amaya, wishing you lots of love and friendship on your birthday!… Patrick Smith, hope it’s a fun one for you!… Wayne Block, here’s wishing you a great birthday! Connie Downing, hope your birthday is full of lots of fun things!… Joe Knotts—you have a cool birthday too!… Steven Estudillo, here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday—I know that new baby is sure making this one special for you and Lexie! Congratulations and welcome to Emily Grace! Congrats also to her very proud grandparents, Halle and George FetteRobbie Robinson, have a super fun birthday!… Mark Farber, I know Tammy’s probably got something special up her sleeve for this year’s party—hope it’s a great birthday!… Chuck Dozier, hope your birthday is lots of fun, whether here, or well on your move to Hawaii. Sorry to see you go, but I know your life there will be wonderful for you and Patty. I hope this continues to see you recovering from your bypass surgery… Gabe Aguirre, hope you and Anita are having fun on this year’s birthday adventures!… Ken Ammerman, here’s wishing you a fun birthday!… Frank Teran, hope this year’s birthday is a great one!… Kelly Broich, have an excellent birthday, honey! You so deserve it! Erik Duthie, I imagine we have a friend or two that will make sure you see this—hope your birthday is as great as you so deserve. Maybe it will be in a deep, cool swimming pool. Nah, just kidding. That should be done right about the first rainfall… Dave Warren hope you have an excellent birthday—and hope it’s finding you even further on your way to a full recovery!… Buck Fries, sorry I missed your August birthday—hope it was great my friend!… Happy anniversary to Mike and Marcia Reich September 18… Charlie Murphy, I am so sorry to hear about your fairly awful bike accident. I know the future for you and your family looks pretty rough. Saying prayers for you and hoping you, your wife and family can keep up the optimism and hope.
That’s what I have for our September, it’s super weird to think that next month I’ll be bringing up toy runs, but remember, now is the time to get them into the Thunder Press Calendar (well, technically, you should have done it in June, but still!) I can’t really tell about any rides in October because no one’s let me know. I know Jeff Givens will be sending me stuff for his November event any moment. As will Honda Ray, when he gives me the date for the annual Totally Kids Ride in early November. All I can tell you now, is to be sure to save the Saturday before Veteran’s Day! Keep me posted on any of your significant other’s birthdays, anniversaries or important dates. Let me know your favorite shop—it doesn’t need to be a motorcycle shop, but it would sure be nice to tie it in. See you all next month—till then—enjoy your ride!


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