I will always remember Tom Watson. Tom lived in Vacaville for many years, but more recently he lived in Dunnigan. Tom died from leukemia on November 10, and to think of Tom is to remember him with a Harley. Tom was an old-time biker and an excellent wrench. In the day, Tom rode with Reg Kittrelle, founder of THUNDER PRESS. It was the two of them who established the Bridgeport Jamboree. Tom was a charter member and past director of the Napa Solano Harley Owners Group. He was very active in ABATE Local 17, and he was also a past president of that group. Every Harley rider in Solano County knew of Tom’s Cycle Works in Vacaville. For 18 years, Tom owned and operated one of the best and busiest motorcycle repair shops in this area. There was a waiting list to get Tom to work on your bike. Sincere condolences go to Connie, Tom’s wife of 34 years, and to his family and many friends. He will be truly missed… ABATE Local 17 lost another active member in November. While Frank Guzzo lived in Vacaville for many years, his illness caused him to move to Crosby, Texas, to be near relatives when he died. Frank contributed a lot to ABATE, and he will leave many friends in that group. It is truly a small world. Frank died in a town I know very well. I, too, have relatives in Crosby, Texas. Crosby is a small town with a population of less than 3,000 and is located about 20 miles northeast of Houston. I know that because I lived there as a child… My deepest sympathies also go to Intermountain H.O.G. member Peter Donovan in Boise, Idaho. Peter’s loving wife, Sheryl, passed away in November from complications of lung cancer. Peter said that Sheryl was a natural-born Harley rider. In fact, their first date was a Harley ride around the block then on to Idaho City. Sheryl especially liked the curves, twisties and left turns. Peter, my thoughts and prayers are with you… There was yet another death that hit close to home. Jack and I used to sit at one of our local watering holes with Robert “Bobby” Espinosa from Elmira. We would talk Harleys and swap tall tales. Bob had a large garage and owned several motorcycles. He liked to work on bikes, and friends frequently brought their bikes by his place for Bob to have a look-see. There is nothing official regarding his cause of death, but local talk is that he was riding one of his Harleys on a back road when a car came across the yellow line and hit him head on. We will miss him, and the next time we go to our old meeting place, we will lift a glass to him… As hard as it is to shake off the sadness of so many losses, let’s change the subject and turn to happier thoughts… Happy birthday to all y’all motorcycle riders who celebrate in January. Happy birthday to IHR members: Lorie Linderman in Shingle Springs, Will Long in Pocatello, Idaho, Mardi Moore in Gold Hill, Oregon, Cathy Young in Santa Cruz and Diana Visage in Medford, Oregon. Happy birthday to Denise R. Peets in Long Beach, to Roger Gilbert in Salinas, to Mark Johnson in Las Vegas, to Peggy Harrington in San Jose and to Elvira Nevarez in Woodland. Happy birthday to Rich Larson and Michael Zaballos in Santa Cruz and to Gary Cook and Bill Katen in Sacramento. Happy birthday to celebrity riders Nicholas Cage and Kid Rock… Happy belated birthday to Toni Marshall in Vacaville. Toni arranged for me to wish her son, Cody, a happy birthday, but she neglected to tell me that she was a Thanksgiving baby. So, Toni, I have caught up with you. Happy belated birthday, girlfriend… Now, speaking of birthdays! Steve Fallon, I am talking to you. Do you recall the day a year or so ago, when I passed by your table at the Road Trip Bar and Grill in Capay? You were sitting with a large group of friends when we greeted one another. You asked me if I wanted to know when your birthday is. My evil twin sister took over because she couldn’t resist a laugh at your expense and said, “No.” Well, you told me anyway. Here’s the problem. I have forgotten what you said. Was it October or November? E-mail me or catch up with me at an ABATE meeting and give me the month again. I will make sure you get special recognition… Ed and Lorie Linderman live in Shingle Springs, and they are charter members of the IHR. But they aren’t just members; they are the official host and hostess of the annual IHR campout. Eddie, somehow I have gained the impression that you have gone in for knee surgery. If so, I want to wish you a speedy and complete recovery. Good knees are pretty essential to riding a motorcycle.


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