There are indeed some good people still in the world, especially in Solano County. Air Force SSgt. Daniel Fye and TSgt. Ronnie Brickey, both from Travis Air Force Base, served together on the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team in Afghanistan where Daniel was team leader. This time last year Daniel was hit with a roadside bomb explosion that shattered his right leg and caused the left leg to be amputated below the knee. Ronnie conducted the post-blast analysis on Daniel and then took care of their team for the remainder of the tour. Some months later Ronnie was in Dixon as part of a TV show demonstrating blowing up giant pumpkins. They were filming at Matt Cooley’s Cool Patch Pumpkins, and Ronnie and Matt were talking. Ronnie told Matt the story about Daniel and how he had always wanted to own a Harley. Ronnie had tried to raise money to buy one for him but it didn’t work out, so Matt gave Ronnie his Fat Boy as a donation for Daniel. Next Ronnie tried to find a bike builder to modify the bike so that Daniel could ride it with a prosthetic leg. Many builders turned him down until he talked to Lou Biron, service manager for Iron Steed Harley-Davidson in Vacaville. Lou took the project idea to owners Steve Adams and Ed Forbush, and they agreed to take it on. Lou and Iron Steed mechanics restored and modified the bike using a Pingel electric shifter and the completed bike was returned to Ronnie free of charge. TSgt. Brandon Bayne trailered it to Texas and delivered it to Daniel where he is still recovering at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. Outstanding job, fellows!… Get ready for the 3rd annual Visit and Give Thanks to Our Veterans in conjunction with the National Armed Forces Freedom Ride 2012. This event will take place across the United States in at least 30 states. Lisa Chavarriá Rennie is organizing the ride for both Northern and Southern California. Northern California will meet at 9 a.m. on May 19 at the Martinez VA Hospital, 150 Muir Road, Martinez, and ride to Mather VA Hospital in Sacramento. You may contact Lisa at 510.302.9850 or… Happy birthday to all Harley riders who celebrate in May. Happy birthday to Hannelore Hill in Watsonville, to Andy Lagosh in Sacramento, to Niel Macdonald in Boulder Creek, to George Lucchesi in San Jose, to Barbara “JJ” Wissler and Amy DeNero in Monterey, to Jan Landers and Pervis Leewright in Fairfield, to Pam Hensely of the NorthCoast H.O.G. in Ferndale, to Jim Statham in Spearfish, South Dakota, and to Felicia Morgan, roaming Northern California Bureau Chief for THUNDER PRESS . Happy birthday to celebrity riders Cher, Clint Eastwood, George Clooney and Wynonna Judd. Cher, you are still riding, aren’t you?… Get well wishes go to CHP Motor Officer Tony Blencowe. Tony was riding westbound on Interstate 80 as he came into Vacaville. A dip in the median caused him to lose control and hit the concrete curb that separates the freeway from the Highway 550 on-ramp. He was thrown over the handlebars and taken to Kaiser by ambulance. Those “separation” curbs are so dangerous. I just hate them whether I am trying to make a U-turn around one or turning left and trying not to clip it with a tire. I think they are worse than a waste of roadway money. And before I leave the Interstate and my soapbox, let me say that California roadways are among the worse in the nation. There have been several motorcycle crashes on Interstate 80 because of potholes… It is time for Guidera’s Girls Ride again. Registration will be from 9–10:30 a.m. on Saturday May 12 at Folsom Harley-Davidson, 115 Woodmere Road in Folsom. Get there early for a continental breakfast and shopping with a 20 percent discount. In fact, get there the night before. This year there will be a pre-registration party Friday evening from 6:00 to 8:30. Look them up at… I did get out for a bit of fun when I went to the Rough Riders MC Pop’s Spring Freedom Ride. This was a rain-or-shine party and, when the rain came down, I skipped the ride and went straight for the party. I talked with President Wayne for a couple of minutes and I told him what a terrific party the Rough Riders put together in such awful weather. We laughed about everyone turning out for the food and fun, not to mention the fact that there were only two bikes parked outside. I want to compliment the band Loose Blues. They are full of talent and, unlike my more recent experiences; they do not spike your eardrums to the torture point. Here’s a special hello to Rough Rider Craig Thacker. Dang, Craig! I can’t believe I went to school with your dad. It’s making me feel really “vintage” (we don’t use the “O” word)… If you are having an event and want to engage a sharp photographer, give Jayme Ross a try. I met her at the ABATE 17 Freeze Your Ass Off Run. Rather than give you her e-mail address, I want you to look up her website. The e-mail address is there, but so are examples of her work and she is very good. Go to… Modesto H.O.G. has a “Butler Award” for anyone caught in a dumb moment. I had to laugh at the story that won Fred and Marty Garber a Butler Award. Cochelle Collins lent Fred a calculator so he could add up the money collected for the raffle. Fred handed the calculator to his brother, Marty. Marty misunderstood and raffled it off saying the calculator was donated by Cochelle!



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