New-Mile marker MXIII

This column was late and I want to thank Shadow for giving me one last chance at getting it in for this month. I was on vacation in Cuba with my 300-pound Samoan lawyer Dr. Gonzo, when all of a sud… A few months back I reported that Chad E. Dejongh of Bay City, Michigan, needed some money so he buried his Harley on a relative’s property with a Kubota tractor and reported it stolen. He told his wife if she ratted him out he would kill her. Well, she filed for divorce and told the boys in blue where to find the buried treasure. This all happened in 2009 and he has finally been sentenced. Bay County Circuit Judge Joseph Sheeran sentenced Chad to 182 days in the slammer, deferred 93 days and put him on probation after he gets out. He owes $22,816.32 in restitution to the insurance company and $2,538.84 to the county Sheriff’s Office—a grand total of $25,355.16. Hell hath no fury… John Schaller owner of House of Harley-Davidson and Scott Campbell of Promotion Design LLC are squaring off over each other’s involvement in the 110th Anniversary Party that will bring millions of dollars to the city of Greenfield, Wisconsin, and its businesses. Campbell is the co-owner of Boot Connection and wants to use the Towne Center parking lot on Layton Street for vendors. Schaller has had Layton Avenue closed for 100th and the 105th and expects to get the permit again this year. Schaller said the only problems he had during the 105th celebration were “created by the gypsies that Scott brought in” when he and Campbell partnered to rent the Bunks & Bed lot next door. I have been there and there is so little parking as it is. I would hate to see more vendors… Viking Land Harley-Davidson in Baxter, Minnesota, will be moving soon to a larger, more easily accessible location. According to owner Dan Walton, who owns the dealership on Edgewood Drive in Baxter, as well as one in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, has confirmed Viking Land has purchased the Dondelinger’s auto dealership land along Highway 210 and plans to move Viking Land to that corner… St. Paul Harley-Davidson in Minnesota hosted a “Backstage Pass” on January 5. The service department has been newly redesigned into a more fluidly flowing environment. Customers wandered around the service bays and chatted with technicians, asking questions or listening as groups. They had the ability to wander around different works in progress, as well as participate in a meet and greet with leading industry product experts. They got to know Jeff Lemon, Phil Gork and Sam Hacker, service advisors at SPHD; Jeremy Gilbert, sales manager at S&S Cycles, Inc.; Tim Horvath, technical support specialist for Küryakyn; Pat Cunningham, service operations area rep for Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Inc.; and Tracy Hilgers, TJ Design owner and artist… Surprise, surprise, surprise; Erik Buell Racing in East Troy, Wisconsin, has secured financing from GE Capital to build a motorcycle dealership network. They will be looking to partner with some other high-end brand motorcycle dealers and the sport bike market. The first production model will be the EBR 1190RS and will sell for about $40,000. More models will be introduced as they ramp up their production capabilities… During Thanksgiving, the holiday came early for first responders in Southern Illinois. They were being honored for all they do, but especially during the terrible storm they had around Memorial Day. Black Diamond Harley-Davidson in Marion, Illinois, RNR Custom Wheels and Tires, and Life Church of Marion teamed up for “Giving Thanks” Friday. Event organizers delivered a lunch of five pounds of pulled pork, chips and drinks to more than 50 police and fire departments, ambulance services and other first responders. Jeremy Pinkston, marketing director at Black Diamond Harley-Davidson said, “They’re the ones that are there for you 24 hours a day—police departments, fire departments, emergency services, EMTs. This is a good way, I think, to show our gratitude to them.” The food was delivered to agencies in Franklin, Jackson, Johnson, Saline and Williamson Counties… Did you hear about Black Friday Beer Fest? I didn’t either. It was too late. The Harley-Davidson Museum held its inaugural event with at least 17 Wisconsin breweries in attendance. From Miller/Coors to Big Bay Brewing, the event was held from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and tickets were $30. It was held in the museum’s garage with a great backdrop of motorcycles, paraphernalia and collectibles. I guess Jim Fricke, curatorial director at the museum, forgot to invite his buddy Fred Nabkey. Jim, if you read this, send some tickets… I received a letter from Dana Frost of Lima, Ohio, and just wanted to pass it on to all of you ABATE members in Ohio. “I would like to take this time to thank everyone who participated in the American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) of Ohio Inc. Toy Run that was held on September 30. A big thank you to everyone; the man who gave us the beautiful day, the more than 470 motorcyclists and passengers, everyone who donated items, time or money and the people who helped put this together. A special thanks to the sheriff motorcycle escort for the great job of getting us through town and back. And last, but not least, thank you for your patience to all the people that were stuck in traffic while all the motorcycles went through. We’ll do it again next year on September 30, 2013. Mark your calendars.”… That’s it for this month, folks. It’s all about you, the Midwest biker. Ride fast, but ride safe.



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