A shared passion for motorcycles provides common ground no matter where we go. Non-riders can’t fully appreciate the emotions we experience moving our bodies through the air, unencumbered by a car’s metal and glass walls that block out the feelings of temperatures and winds, as well as the fragrances of the world we ride through. 

Traveling in a car provides a view of the scenery. On a motorcycle, you exist within the scenery. Going down a road in a car or a truck is like watching a movie. Riding a motorcycle is like being in the movie. Those who know and understand the immersive nature of riding are our brothers and sisters, and it’s an instant shortcut to a mutual understanding and possibly a friendship. 

I was reminded of this brother/sisterhood while attending the Moto Beach Classic. I chatted with bikers who never ride in the dirt, as well as off-roaders who have never ridden an American Big Twin. 

Regardless, quick chats frequently turned into animated conversations about a particular motorcycle or ride. A bond – however brief – is formed. We all have an instinctual desire to be with our brethren – a place where we belong. 

Celebrities belong in their own club, but our worlds occasionally intersect. 

Keanu Reeves isn’t just one of the most famous actors in the world; he’s also an avowed motorcycle enthusiast. An authentic measure of his love of two wheels is his decision to manufacture high-end bikes under the ARCH Motorcycle brand he launched with veteran builder Gard Hollinger. 

Rubber-Side Down Keanu Reeves
Just hanging out with a fellow rider, a moto brother, here with ARCH’s KRGT-1 back in 2015.

Hollinger is clearly the engine that powers ARCH, pushing the brand forward with the newly minted 1s. Even more intriguing is a proprietary new powerplant in development for future ARCH models. 

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But if Hollinger is ARCH’s motor, Keanu is its fuel. His enthusiasm for motorcycles is boundless. Think about it: For the amount of time he spends with ARCH and riding motorbikes, he could have instead taken on acting roles worth millions. 

But there he was riding motorcycles with little ol’ me, and our roadside chats were as informal and amicable as a chat with any rider. In those moments, Keanu wasn’t a globally recognized superstar, he was just “one of the boys” talkin’ about bikes. 

“To ride that motorcycle,” he said of the sporty 1s, “it’s familiar but also like no other.”

That sounds kinda like riding with Keanu Reeves. Another motorcycle brother.


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