4 oz. Travel kit

A few months ago I ran across an ad for a cleaning product I hadn’t seen before. It wasn’t just the cool graphics of the creepy green bug with red eyes on the label that caught my eye, but the catchy name, BugSlide, is what made me want to check it out. Yeah, BugSlide. Now doesn’t that name give you a visual of creepy-crawly splats just falling off your machine’s spiffy paint? At least that’s what the name did for me and I immediately went in search of the stuff. The fact that it even came with a bright green microfiber cloth to match the menacing bug logo just cracked me up.

Besides all that clever packaging, BugSlide really does do all the things the label says it will. As a waterless cleaner, it took the bug goop off my windshield without streaking, didn’t leave a residue and, so far, hasn’t left a yellow film and I’ve been using it for about four months now. The travel kit fits perfectly in my Street Glide’s saddlebag and a 32 oz. refill is also available but the stuff seems to last a good long time. I was admittedly hesitant to use it on my matte black paint, especially since Harley-Davidson recommends only using their special cleaner in order to retain the matte finish, but I got brave and sprayed down my faring anyway. I was initially concerned with the part of the packaging that says it leaves a protective, microscopic finish that continuously repels dust, dirt, water and fingerprints and that I’d never need to wax again. Everybody knows there is no waxing a matte finish and shiny is the last thing you’d want with this paint, but I was pleasantly surprised when it took off the grime without leaving the dreaded glossy streaks. It does the same for my sunglasses.

BugSlide is safe on all non-porous surfaces and contains no ammonia, Teflon, petrolem, silicone or wax and is abrasive free. Also, BugSlide is a degreaser and works pretty well on chrome, as long as it’s just surface grime. It works great to spiff up my footboards, left my gauges and mirrors spotless and makes a quick cleanup pretty painless. I’ve also noticed that rain now seems to bead up and run off the windshield better. And, as an unexpected surprise, the stuff even smells good. Getting bug guts off your bike has never been easier or smelled so nice. If you happen to have an airplane in your garage, they have aviation products, too. Check it out. 



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