If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of crap crammed in your saddlebags. It’s important crap, too. Stuff like gloves, sunscreen and bungee cords tend to settle to the bottom alongside the spare bolts and tools, and oftentimes said crap is damned near impossible to find since it’s tough to organize all those little treasures. The big stuff settles on the top, but by the end of the ride all the necessary stuff tends to tangle up with the piddly crap, especially the bungee cords. Or at least that’s the way it was until I got a set of Drag Specialties’ very handy bag liners and suddenly I was organized.

Drag Specialties Saddle Bag Liners
Drag Specialties Saddle Bag Liners

I can’t figure out how I managed before the introduction of these tough little made-in-America bags. I love these things. Constructed of a heavy-duty polyester fabric, the liners are thin and durable. With one hand I can grab the heavyweight straps that Velcro together and remove the entire contents of one side of the 2012 Street Glide’s hard bag, a chore that once took three trips to unload. All my camera gear’s stashed in one bag, extra goodies like tape recorder, paper and pens fit nicely in the zippered, see-through net bag on top, and there are two additional compartments that hold a variety of booty on each end of the zippered “lid” of each liner. The body of the bag is one large space with no dividers.

The second bag is a mirror image with the same roomy compartments and they’re sold as a pair. They’re tailored for a perfect fit and slide right back into place when it’s time to hit the road. All the aforementioned piddly crap that doesn’t need to be brought in at night is simply left out of the liner, lying in the bottom of the hard bag with all the necessities easily contained. After three months of heavy abuse, the bags show no signs of wear and I hope they last forever since they make loading and unloading a breeze.



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