Precision Paint Protection


OK, you went and done it: threw down the long green necessary to procure that new CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide. You know, the one with the zesty Burnt Amber and Hot Citrus paint job? Or maybe you recently had the trusty old Road King Classic spiffed up with a nice kandy kustom kolor respray. Either way, if you’re concerned about retaining your baby’s beautiful new look, you’re going to want to know about Precision Paint Protection.

That’s because for a modest sum, when compared to the cost of new or even repaired paint, the guys at Precision will apply a clear film that wards off paint-job damage from bugs, airborne debris, and even the dreaded pea gravel that seems to bounce out of the bed of every other pickup truck on the road these days.

And here’s the kicker: if you’re in Northern California, you won’t even have to leave the recliner in your living room. Certified installers from Precision Paint Protection will come right to your house with an enclosed trailer and all the equipment necessary to wrap your ride in about two hours. You won’t even have to put the TV remote down. And there’s a lifetime warranty. Honest.

Here’s how it works: Martyn “Dutch” Van der Linden, the guy behind Precision, will take your call. He’ll give you a quote (the cost for a bike is between $250 and $350). Then, usually within a couple of days, he parks his portable workshop with lifts for two bikes right in front of your house and gets to work. Dutch says the 24-foot-long mobile workshop is completely enclosed and climate controlled. He and his crew keep the workshop interior damn near spotless in order to avoid getting any dust under the wrap. (PPP will do four-wheel vehicle wraps for between $500 and $700).

Also mounted in the workshop is a computer with software that retains patterns for nearly any Harley-Davidson or other bike you care to name. The computer is hooked up to a large-scale plotter that prints and cuts the specific clear film pieces needed for your bike. The durable film PPP uses is from Venture Shield, and Dutch swears it is the best stuff available for this application.

Employing a mixture of water and soap that help “slip” the film onto the bike’s surface, Van der Linden and his crew remove the protective film from the backing and carefully fit each piece to most painted surfaces, particularly those areas subject to extra wear and tear. A heat gun helps bend the film to curving sections of the bike’s tin. On models with glass headlights, these too get the protective film treatment, insuring that lens won’t shatter if hit by a rock. When the bike covering is complete, the surfaces are dried and you’re ready to ride free of fear that a June bug might ruin your bike’s paint job.


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