Anyone who’s experienced blisters or sore feet after a long day hoofing it around a rally or bike show knows how important a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes can be. About two years ago I had a joint fusion on my big toe that included insertion of a three-inch titanium plate on top of my inner left foot. Thus, finding comfortable footwear since has been nothing short of a major pain in the phalanges. Enter Harley-Davidson’s FXRG-5 riding boots.

Aside from being my go-to riding kicks, I’ve worn the FXRG-5’s more or less daily since I got them. Two days of navigating the Minneapolis Progressive IMS, a hellish four-hour walk through Mall-of-America madness on Christmas Eve and daily dog park trips this winter, often times in below-zero temps, have served as a few of my assessment grounds away from the bike. And the FXRG-5’s have passed every test with flying colors.

Outer construction consists of full-grain, oiled waterproof leather uppers with Cordura breathable underlays along the outer metatarsal area and on the back of the shaft, which rises eight inches and provides optimum ankle support, comfort and flexibility. A locking YKK zipper runs along the inner shaft to aid in support/fitment and is secured via Velcro closure at the top.

Harley-Davidson FXRG-5 boots
Harley-Davidson FXRG-5 boots

The FXRG-5’s feature an outsole that’s one of the best on the market in terms of slip-, oil- and abrasion resistance. Goodyear Welt Construction seamlessly connects the outsole and 1.5″-thick heel with the upper fabric for further waterproofing and durability. I’ve ridden in heavy rains and trekked through snow, slush, ice and just about everything else without so much as a drop of water penetrating the boots—they are the real deal.

Your hooves slide into a breathable Gore-Tex membrane waterproof liner that’s coupled with the warmth offered from 200-gram 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation—a recipe that’s kept these brutes on my feet for the majority of the ruthless winter we’ve had here in the Midwest. The removable ShockAbsorbers Twin Pad Comfort Technology cushions the heels and balls of your feet (think Dr. Scholl’s inserts), and rests atop a lightweight, flexible polyurethane midsole.

The relatively light weight in comparison to the actual size of the boots, coupled with the aforementioned ShockAbsorbers Twin Pad Comfort System, make sliding these puppies on like putting your feet in the clouds. One downside, for me, anyway, is that the toe area was a little large to fit under the shifter peg of my XLC, forcing me to adjust the linkage and use the outer edge of the peg in order to upshift. In all, a minor adjustment that, over time, proved to be a habitual change more than anything.

These are the most comfortable boots/shoes I’ve had on my feet in quite some time. If you pick up the FXRG-5’s for the upcoming riding season, you’ll be pleased to know they come with H-D’s 30-Day Comfort Guarantee return policy. Although, I can almost guarantee you won’t be needing that.

Harley-Davidson Footwear
Sizes: M 7-12, 13
Stock #D98012
$264 MSRP



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