Women’s Short Lined Deerskin Gloves

Fox Creek Leather


While shopping for a new pair of riding gloves recently I was a little overwhelmed at all the options. I knew I’d have to narrow down my search, so I made a mental note of my list of basic requirements. I wanted high quality lined leather gloves with no frills. I wasn’t looking for gauntlets, just a short glove for everyday riding. After researching several options I chose Fox Creek Leather’s Women’s Short Lined Deerskin Gloves.

Fox Creek Leather is a small company located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia. Owner Paul Trachy is a veteran of biker rally culture. Over 30 years of intimate interaction with bikers has left him with some interesting tales and a good sense of what his customers need and expect. His family and crew are proud of the fact that all of their products are made in the U.S., saying: “Domestic manufacturing gives us the flexibility to custom make a garment when someone’s measurements fall outside our stock sizes… From our position as a small company it would be impossible to ensure that fair labor practices were being followed in a factory thousands of miles away.” They add,

“We have never found another manufacturer, inside or outside the U.S., that can produce our garments to the level of quality that allows us to cover them with a lifetime guarantee.” The lifetime guarantee refers to their jackets, chaps, vests and pants and doesn’t cover their gloves, but I was impressed with their commitment to quality, customer service, and ethical business standards.

I ordered the gloves in small and when they arrived I was surprised to find they were a bit too small, even for my tiny hands. When I contacted Fox Creek Leather I was assured that, like any fine leather product, these would stretch, however, they would happily exchange them for a larger size. I decided to give the little guys a chance and found that after a short period of use they fit just right.

The fleece Thinsulate that lines the deerskin is warm and comfortable and thin enough that it doesn’t seriously affect dexterity. Being a Californian and a coastal Califor­nian at that, I haven’t had the op­portunity to test the gloves in truly cold weather, but, call me what you will, riding in fog in Half Moon Bay left my fingertips a little cold. The company also offers a Lined Deer­skin Gaunt­let for longer rides in colder weather to keep the wind from blowing up your sleeves.


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