Carbon Maxx gloves from Roadgear are an adaption of racing gloves for street, touring and cruising riders. I like their style, craftsmanship and price. They’re comfortable, ventilated and offer excellent protection from abrasion—just in case I lowside again.

Anyone who has ever skinned a knuckle knows how vulnerable hands are to abrasion. These gloves offer ample road-rash protection beginning with the carbon fiber knuckle shield. Plastic finger joint protectors on the backs of three fingers are shaped like air scoops with mesh ventilation and foam-filled leather blister pads adorning the tips of these fingers, plus the thumb, lower wrist area and a portion of the back of the hand. Primary seams are double stitched.

Comfort is another consideration. The backs and sides of the fingers and the back of the hand are perforated leather for ventilation with the inside area being lined with a breathable, water-resistant Kevlar backed by a soft fabric. The accordion leather flex joints for the ends of the fingers and thumb offer flexibility when curled around handgrips, while suede pads between thumb and forefinger and across the pads of the hand provide extra grip even when wet. The rigid carbon fiber knuckle protector is double stitched to a second leather section across the back of the glove to allow unrestricted movement when opening or closing the hand. The wrist cinch strap is located on the inner side of the glove, is lined with Velcro and has an expanded end tab to prevent it from slipping through the square nylon D-ring. This might not sound like a major deal, but I really dislike finding that my wrist strap has slipped from the D-ring after having put on my gloves, so I find this little detail appealing.

Carbon Maxx gloves are comfortable even when new and the degree of protection they offer is only exceeded by racing gloves costing four times as much. The comfort zone for these gloves is claimed to be 70 to 100 degrees. They are made in Pakistan and come with a two-year warranty.

Available in: Women’s XS-M; Men’s M-XXXL



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