The mission for Survival Straps is simple: “to make high-quality gear for the general public that supports America’s heroes and those who need help.” Available in more than 50,000 color combinations and handfuls of special collections, Survival Straps bracelets are not only designed to make a fashion statement, but to also potentially save your hide should you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Handmade in the U.S.A using super-strong military spec 550-parachute cord, the bracelets are designed to unravel in an emergency situation, offering “several feet” (depending on bracelet size) of the durable paracord for any number of potential uses on the road, in the wilderness or wherever needed. The best part: If you’re forced to unravel your bracelet for use in any kind of emergency, the folks at Survival Straps will replace your bracelet free of charge if you share your story. The second best part: There’s a new Harley-Davidson collection just in time for the upcoming riding season.

Harley-Davidson-branded Survival Straps bracelet
Harley-Davidson-branded Survival Straps bracelet

In 2007, Survival Straps founder and CEO Kurt Walchle built the first piece of gear at his kitchen table and knew he had something unique. Now a multi-million dollar company with licensing contracts that include The Motor Company, United States Military branches, Wounded Warrior Project, Green Beret Foundation, United States Olympic and Paralympic teams and 36 collegiate schools, among others, to date Survival Straps has raised more than $750,000 to aid our wounded American veterans.

A glance at their website will provide a look at some owners’ stories and situations that lead to the unraveling of their bracelets. From saving a girl tubing on a river, to a Marine stationed in Iraq who used the paracord to secure the broken buckle on his body armor during patrol, to the groomsman who supplied his paracord to tie cans to the newlyweds’ car when no one had string; the possible “emergency” uses are endless.

The H-D collection (as well other collections) features an assortment of bracelets, key fobs, necklaces, ID lanyards and bag tags—all made from the military paracord. MoCo fans can choose from the Bar & Shield logo or the Willie G. Skull enbossed on dog tags, and wristbands come in standard orange and black (pictured), solid black, black with gray accents, pink (for the ladies), camouflage and patriotic red, white and blue. The bracelet comes with two sets of pins to secure the clevis pin shackle closure: a standard stainless steel non-breakaway pin, and a plastic breakaway pin that’s designed to break and release when “significant force” is applied. Though I have yet to encounter any situations that I’d deem “lifesaving,” it serves as added security and a potential tool for those long hauls on the road where who knows what can go wrong. And it looks pretty damn good, to boot.

Survival Straps also offers non-branded medical alert badges, custom-embossed dog tags and personal pictures, watchbands and bracelets with a seemingly endless choice of custom colors. Learn more about their products and mission at, or find them on Facebook.




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