Los Angeles-based ARCH Motorcycle is proud to introduce the new ARCH KRGT-1, an evolution of the bespoke production motorcycle that set the bar in the performance cruiser category. Continuing the ARCH Motorcycle philosophy of simple, elegant design and performance, the new KRGT-1 features over 20 major changes involving more than 150 newly designed and manufactured components.

The new ARCH KRGT-1 features redesigned bodywork, upgraded suspension, ergonomic enhancements, updated braking components and safety features.

“The KRGT-1 was originally designed to realize the potential and push the boundaries of what an American V-twin motorcycle could offer,” says ARCH Motorcycle co-founder Gard Hollinger.   “Our new KRGT-1 stays true to the original objective while further developing and refining the motorcycle’s design and performance elements to enhance the overall riding experience.”

Powering the latest generation ARCH KRGT-1 is the signature EPA/CARB-certified 124ci S&S/ARCH engine with an in-house-designed downdraught induction system and proprietary K&N Engineering air filter. Exhaust flow is managed by an ARCH 2-into-1 stainless steel header system and Yoshimura carbon fiber muffler. This powertrain delivers impressive low-end torque from the first twist of the throttle.

“The new KRGT-1 delivers on ARCH Motorcycle’s ambition: a beautiful and extraordinary machine that handles like no other motorcycle. Through the curves, down the straights, planted, confident, comfortable, it’s an unsurpassed riding experience,” says ARCH Motorcycle co-founder Keanu Reeves.  “The focus on fit and finish, the detail, the execution, the exceptional quality, how the bike is made defines ARCH.”

Designed and manufactured in-house, the new race-inspired billet aluminum swingarm increases rigidity and reduces un-sprung weight for improved handling and performance. Completing the rear suspension is the unique-to-ARCH Öhlins fully adjustable shock absorber. The chassis structure is equipped with redesigned in-house-machined billet aluminum side plates to accommodate the new swingarm pivot and updated engine isolation mounts.       

To increase stability, improve tire feel and overall handling the new KRGT-1 is equipped with larger diameter 48mm Öhlins front forks featuring NIX technology. Designed and machined in-house, new billet aluminum triple trees support the front suspension. Unique ARCH/Öhlins fork bottoms accommodate 130mm radial brake caliper mounts and complete the front suspension updates.

Working directly with Bosch to develop an anti-lock braking system, the new KRGT-1 comes standard with two-channel ABS to improve braking performance, stability and safety. New dual ISR six-piston front brake calipers feature increased piston diameter for more stopping power with less effort providing a more responsive feel.

Updated bodywork for the new KRGT-1 includes a redesigned fuel tank, tail section and seat, increasing comfort and contact for the rider. The billet aluminum fuel tank contours have been refined for enhanced ergonomics while maintaining the original 5-gallon fuel capacity. Adding to the fuel tank refinements the tail section has been redesigned to accommodate a new composite-base seat configuration. Additionally, the front cowling has been reshaped, resized and repositioned to house a new dash panel and complement the J.W. Speaker Adaptive 2 headlamp while also reducing wind buffeting. Redesigned front and rear carbon fiber fenders complement the motorcycle’s silhouette.

New KRGT-1 ergonomic features include updated hand and foot controls. Magura clutch and front brake assemblies were selected to meet the highest demands of function, tactility and performance. Foot controls have been redesigned and manufactured in-house for increased comfort, feel and contact.

Ultralight Blackstone Tek (BST) five-spoke carbon fiber wheels and Michelin Commander II tires connect the new ARCH KRGT-1 to the road for optimal handling and performance.

Every ARCH Motorcycle is designed to be tailored through a bespoke ergonomic and aesthetic package, created in close partnership with the client throughout the 90-day build process. The result is an ARCH motorcycle completely unique to each owner.

The new ARCH Motorcycle KRGT-1 is currently in production and available for purchase. Please visit archmotorcycle.com to begin your order consultation process.


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