When the 2011 Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) models were launched in June of last year, the perennially best-selling model, the CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide, found itself suddenly sucking hind teat. Rather than the three lavish paint schemes and production run numbers of about 3,500 units that we’d become accustomed to in its previous five appearances in the CVO line-up, the model had been downsized to a single available paint job and a unit total of a paltry 1,200 for the year. We wondered at the time if all of that signaled not-too-subtly that the model was nearing the end of its CVO run, and we’re still not sure that isn’t the case, but fans of the opulent tourer who have found the model in short supply will be heartened by the belated mid-year introduction of a second paint treatment and an additional 900 production units.

The new color scheme is described as Twilight Blue and Candy Cobalt with Flame Graphics, and like its existing Black Ember and Rio Red with Flame Graphic sibling, the bike is loaded up with practically every single luxury-touring bell and whistle Milwaukee can muster. Among those amenities are the most comfortable seating accommodations on the market, combining an ultra-plush hammock-style operator seat with a built-in springboard suspension and adjustable lumbar support for the passenger, and dual heat controls to keep both tushies toasty. Addition­ally, an 80-watt Harmon/Kardon audio system interfaces with a dash-mounted Road Tech GPS to feed navigation commands through the speakers. Cruise control, ABS, remote power locking of the saddlebags, Tour Pack and ignition, as well as interior lighting for all the luggage add to the model’s impressive complement of touring features. The MSRP is $36,499.


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