Spin doctor
From the R2 Series by Rene­gade Wheels, the new Laredo offers a bold take on spinning chrome. Machined from a solid block of aluminum, this nine-spoke pattern slices through the air with a vibrant, cutting-edge look. Available in diameters from 16 inches to 26 inches, widths include 2.15 inches up to a massive 14 inches. Although the R2 Series takes more steps to fabricate, the units are less expensive than the company’s original 3-D designs, with prices starting at only $1,149 each. Matching brake rotors, floating rotors, pulleys and sprockets are also available, as is the Laredo Phantom-Cut black anodized model.

Renegade Wheels   www.renegadewheels.com   714.998.7241

Smooth sailing
Constructed of 0.150″ aircraft grade acrylic, the new Cee Glide Wind­shield by Cee Bailey’s has a profile designed to push air upward, lessening the noise and turbulence that is commonly encountered on stock 2010 and 2011 FLTR Harleys. All shields come predrilled and include an installation kit that eliminates the OEM molding trim, providing an almost seamless transition between fairing and windscreen. Available in clear, green, light and dark gray tints, heights vary from 12″–16″ for both FLTRU Ultras and FLTRX Customs. Pricing ranges from $189 to $239 depending upon height and color selection.

Cee Bailey’s Aircraft Plastics   www.ceebaileys.com  800.788.0618

Pass the bottle
Ethanol-laced gasoline is a noted hygroscopic, literally absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. Blended with corrosion inhibitors, Harley-Davidson’s Fuel Stabilizer is formulated to guard against the detrimental affects of such ethanol-blended fuels. Designed to protect gas tanks, fuel lines, carburetors and fuel injectors from long-term exposure to E10, the Fuel Stabilizer acts as a demulsifier to break down condensation in the fuel system and retard the accumulation of deposits. Especially useful during periods of winter storage, a four-ounce bottle will treat 10 gallons of fuel and costs $5.95.

Harley-Davidson   www.harley-davidson.com 

Carrying the load
After installing that massive motor, killer clutch and trick tranny, there are still key components that have to work properly before transferring that power onto the asphalt. And often it’s the little things that make a major difference in getting the job done. Identifying one of the weaker links in this system, BAKER Drivetrain has designed a Heavy Duty Throwout Bearing Kit. Its design features a 97 percent greater surface area and 77 percent more static load capacity than the stock unit. A brass spacer is also included that eliminates possible bearing crush and fragmentation. The kit fits all 1987–2010 5- and 6-speed Big Twins with a left-side drive and cable-actuated clutch, includes a cover gasket and lists for $79.99.

BAKER Drivetrain   www.bakerdrivetrain.com   877.640.2004

Bragging rights
Ride bells are as common and varied as the legends that go with them. So it’s great to know that your ride bell now has a road companion, the Motor­cycle Whistle by Hogg Brothers. Declaring it has no intrinsic value, the Whistle does guarantee that it will not prevent mechanical breakdowns, dead batteries or flat tires. It further extolls its worth by vowing not to stop the rain, not to keep you from running out of gas and not protect you from evil road gremlins. So what does your $5.95 get you? The freedom to state that your bike has all the bells and whistles! It comes in a velvet pouch with a leather thong for mounting.

Hogg Brothers  www.hoggbrothers.com  541.673.4644

The café way
Although high bars are a staple in the world of customized bikes, the slick styling of a café racer stands out in any crowd of apehangers. And Lick’s Cycles new Clip On Bars provide road-racing attitude at a reasonable price. Built from high-quality aluminum, the units slide over stock 39mm fork tubes and mount either below the top tree or above by using longer fork tubes. The angle is adjustable to complement your personal riding posture. The bars are 12″ long and the kit comes with all mounting hardware. Several styling options are available with prices starting at $199.

Lick’s Cycles www.lickscycles.com  413.663.9050

Second skin
A set of custom stretched gas tanks adds a lot of wow factor to any bike. Unfortunately they usually add a substantial amount of bucks to achieve that look; that is, until now with the introduction of Stretched Cover Ups by Vicious Cycle. Formed from fiberglass, these covers are affixed to the stock tanks using automotive panel bonding epoxy, in most cases without even removing the tanks. The manufacturing process leaves the units extra long to allow for custom trimming around the seat and drops low enough to accent the side covers. They also work excellently as repair pieces for accident damage. Coming in a black gel coat finish, ready for trimming and painting, the Cover Ups retail for $295 per set and are available in several models to fit a variety of both 5- and 6-gallon Harley tanks.

Vicious Cycle   www.vicious-cycles.com  805.466.3500

Butt in a sling
Now available from the Motor Company, the Harley Hammock Rider and Passenger Touring Seat, first appearing on 2011 CVO models, features an innovative approach to isolating both rider and passenger from severe road conditions. Using a net of flexible fibers, a sling-like hammock is constructed above the seat pan and then covered with 2 inches of traditional foam, providing 2 inches of impact suspension above the pan. This system delivers a 30 percent increase in comfort. The passenger’s section uses a multiple springboard suspension design. Also covered with 2 inches of foam, it provides a 15 percent more comfortable ride. The rider seat measures 17.5 inches across while the passenger’s seat is 15 inches wide. Fitting 2009 and later Touring and Trike models, the seat carries a MSRP of $499.95, with a heated version available for an additional $400.

Harley-Davidson   www.harley-davidson.com

Low in the saddle
The popularity of baggers has never been higher and the crew at FBI wants to make certain anyone can ride the big machines comfortably and safely—and look cool in the bargain. And their new 3″ Drop Seat Kit does just that without compromising your suspension or sacrificing clearances. Designed for 2009–2011 Harley Touring models, the Drop Seat Kit utilizes a subframe that replaces the OEM upper chassis section under the seat while retaining the stock rear fender, bag mounting clips and saddlebags. Each kit includes the frame kit, an FBI seat (several options) and a set of unpainted ABS side covers, and you get all that for a reasonable $1,799.95. The kit comes in either Standard (for riders 5’7″ and taller) or Narrow (for those 5’6″ and less). The seat on the Narrow Kit bumps the rider forward a full two inches and is tapered to allow for more stable footing. Painted side covers are available for an additional charge.

Fat Baggers Inc.   www.customchrome.com  641.774.7499


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