Slip into something powerful
Designed to meet 50-state sound level requirements, the new Screamin’ Eagle Thunder Street Performance Jet Black Slip-On Mufflers still manage to provide a throaty sound along with an increase in torque and horsepower. Designed to fit most 2010–’11 Touring models (and 2009 California-spec Tourers as well), the canisters measure 3 1/2″ in diameter and their black ceramic coating insures durability while meshing well with all Dark Custom elements. And for the first time, these slip-on mufflers can be fitted with Harley’s Black with Chrome Spears End Caps. The Performance Mufflers retail for $399.95 while the End Caps carry a price tag of $149.95 per pair. Check with your dealer for exact fitment details.
Updating the old nag
The Iron Horse Fairing by Iron Horse Bike Accessories brings a fresh look to 1972 and later FLH touring bikes equipped with a factory fairing. Constructed of high-impact fiberglass with a black gelcoat finish, this replacement utilizes your stock inner fairing liner (along with any gauges and stereo equipment), windshield and original factory mounting points and hardware. The distinctively retro teardrop-style headlight even uses the stock Harley bulb, socket and wiring. The gelcoat may be either painted or polished and left in its original black finish. The retail price is $799.
Iron Horse Fairing & Bike Accessories  805.794.1566
Handier than your thumb
Long rides across unfamiliar territory have left more than one biker stranded in need of fuel. Reda Innovations has addressed this problem with the new Reda Gas Can. The container is contoured to match the inside dimensions of a Harley Tourer saddlebag and holds an impressive gallon of petrol for those emergency situations. Even more impressive is the fact that the jug meets EPA and CARB certification and is 100 percent vapor proof and spill proof. The Reda Gas Can carries a listed MSRP of $29.99.
Reda Innovations   708.364.7643
It’s the little things
The old mantra, “If it can be chromed, chrome it,” unfortunately doesn’t apply to rubber. So Electraeon has developed a new mantra, “If it can’t be chromed, then cover it with chrome.” And that’s exactly what the company’s latest Shifter Trim Rings accomplish by sliding over the rubber spacer that is sandwiched between a Harley’s shift lever and the primary shifter boss. The Trim Rings are machined from aluminum before being chrome plated and come in either a smooth or ball-milled, double-grooved design. They are priced at $25 each.
Electraeon   303.435.7421
Now we’re cranking
Big-inch motors and high-performance modifications can take their toll on any battery—and so can something as common as leaving the ignition on after hitting the kill switch and walking away. But with the Startmonkey 200 by Powertraveller, roadside assistance is now as close as your saddlebag. This tiny handheld marvel is a self-contained system that can jump-start a 12-volt battery up to 20 times. Using a High Energy Dynamic Polymer Battery, the Startmonkey delivers 120 amps of power, will retain 75 percent of its juice after three years of non-use and can be recharged 500 times. Retailing for $200, it measures 2″ x 2″ x 7″ and comes with its own storage case.
Powertraveller Products  
Flat in back
The latest from the bagger purists at Hell’s Foundry is their new Flush Mount Taillight. Only taking up approximately 3-1/2″ inside the saddlebag, these beauties utilize a correctly designed lens that casts a high-output light not normally associated with an incandescent bulb. The dual filament bulb (available at any auto parts outlet) also allows for multi-tasking by performing running, braking and turn signal duties, giving you the option of removing the stock indicator bar. Retailing for $399.95 per set in either a chrome or raw finish, they include stainless mounting hardware, required gaskets and weatherproof wiring.
Hell’s Foundry Inc.  866.999.4355
Keep a leash on it
At some time most everyone running a Harley Tour-Pak has waged battle with a misbehaving lid attachment cord that insists on snaking out everytime you try to shut the lid. The Motor Company has solved this irritation with a nifty Retractable Tour-Pak Lid Tether. Replacing the OEM cord on models equipped with King, Ultra, Chopped or Razor-Pak luggage, this little device attaches to the existing inside brackets and automatically coils the tether line inside as the Tour-Pak lid is closed, eliminating pinched cords. A long-needed item, it sells for only $29.95 and can be installed in minutes.
Corner café
Few styling cues are more distinctive than those of a Café Racer. And the new RSD line of Café Sportster parts easily allows this conversion for late-model Sporties. The Café Gauge and Headlight Re-locator drops both your stock headlight and gauge to a lower position, while the Clip-On Handlebars replace the stock handlebars and completely eliminate the need for risers, producing an aggressive stance. The aluminum bars are milled to retain stock wiring, while maintaining the warning indicator lights on your gauge will require the purchase of an LED unit sold separately. The Clip-On bars carry a suggested retail price of $214.95, while the Re-locator goes for $249.95.
Roland Sands Design  
Wild blue yonder gear
Harley-Davidson MotorClothes pays homage to World War II flyboys with their newly released A-2 Leather Bomber Jacket. Constructed of midweight leather, it has a snap-down collar with removable shearling, elastic wrist closures, two large patch pockets and a polyester liner printed with archival images. Each sleeve has nostalgia-inspired patches while the chest carries an embroidered H-D graphic and removable metal badge.


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