The latest sound system offering from The Motor Company comes in the form of their Boom! Audio Stage II 6.5” Batwing Fairing Speakers for 2014 and later Touring bikes. These 3-way Stage II speakers are designed to operate seamlessly with the factory-installed Boom! Box infotainment unit and features a high-excursion woofer for extended bass performance, a bridge-mounted midfrequency driver and a separate tweeter for rich treble notes. Each speaker is powered by two channels from the Boom! Audio 300 watt amplifier (sold separately) with 75 watts powering the woofer and another 75 watt channel feeding the mid-frequency and tweeter. These weather- and vibration-resistant speakers are manufactured with composite speaker frames, heavyweight magnets and protective perforated-metal grills with the kit including the speakers, electronic crossovers and plug-in connections. Selling for $329.95, the separate purchase of the amplifier and fitment-specific hardware is required. And for those without a batwing, the Boom! Audio Stage II 6.5” Road Glide Fairing Speakers are available at $359.95 for those piloting a shark-nose fairing, 2015 and later.

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