While we all enjoy a healthy rumble, sometimes excessive vibration and noise can distract us from the joy of the ride. Design Engineering Inc.’s Boom Mat Damping Material can help reduce unwanted vibration and rattling, whether it comes from the road, engine, or stereo.

Design Engineering Inc. Boom Mat Sheet
The Boom Mat sheets are 12.5 x 12 inches and are available as packs of two for $21.05.

The Boom Mat Damping Material provides noise damping by trapping sounds between a thick aluminum stiffening top skin and an asphalt-free, 2mm noise-constraining level, damping vibrations and rattling noises as well as improving audio system sound.

Design Engineering Inc. Boom Mat 2-inch Tape
This 2-inch-wide Boom Mat tape is available for $28.55.

The Boom Mat Material comes in sheets and two sizes of tape. It features no-snag adhesion and an easy-peel plastic release liner. It performs in extreme temperatures and can be used inside motorcycle fairings and saddle bags.

Design Engineering Inc. Boom Mat 1.5-inch Tape
The 1.5-inch-wide Boom Mat tape is available for $22.45.

The 12.5×12-inch sheets come as a pack of two for $21.05. The 2-inch-wide tape is available in a black finish for $28.55, and the 1.5-inch-wide tape is available in a silver finish for $22.45. Both tape sizes come as 20-foot rolls. Find more information and installation instructions on Design Engineering Inc.’s website.


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