With electronic gadgetry-impaired driving on the increase, being rearended is also on the rise. To increase your visibility (and chances of survival) Harley has just released the Electra Glo Keystone Auxiliary LED Turn/Brake/Turn Lamps. These nifty plug-and-play marvels emit a soft-red glow when the ignition is on while the center row of bright LED lamps quickly kick in when the brakes or turn signals are engaged. On top of a brighter rear end, these handsome sealed housings slide into the space between saddlebag and fender, filling that unsightly gap. Equipped with dark smoked lenses, the units are held in place with the saddlebag support hardware and an adhesive pad. The kit includes both left and right lamps along with a wiring harness and with a suggested MSRP of only $299.95; that’s cheap insurance

Harley-Davidson | harley-davidson.com



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