Always a “driving” force in the industry, BDL has just released their new 2” Open Drive with 2-Piece Motor Plate kits. The 6-bolt diaphragm clutch configuration is newly developed, providing a more positive feel along with an improved appearance. Supplied with a 52-69 tooth pulley combination, the kit is equipped with BDL’s patented Ball Bearing Pressure Plate which, when combined with the enhanced spring and collar, provides a more positive lockup for big-inch torque monsters. The front pulley and spring collar have matching machined patterns with a beveled angle cut and counter bore on the front pulley for visual delight. The kit comes with a custom side and top guard and is available in black, chrome, polished and wrinkle black finishes. Designed to fit 2007 and later Touring and Softail models, the cable-operated system goes for $2,070.50 while the hydraulic version starts at $2,076.

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