Relationship is next step in execution of the More Roads to Harley-Davidson plan to meet customers through an integrated retail experience

Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 1—Harley-Davidson Inc. (NYSE: HOG) announced today it reached an agreement with Amazon to introduce select Harley-Davidson apparel and riding gear to hundreds of millions of potential customers. Beginning today, select Harley-Davidson merchandise is available for purchase in the U.S on Amazon, with two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members.   

“We live in an on-demand, anywhere, anytime business environment where success depends on the ability to meet consumers on their turf and on their terms, “said Heather Malenshek, senior vice president of marketing and brand for Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “The reach Amazon offers is critical to building stronger customer relationships, inspiring new people and creating an integrated online and in-dealership retail experience—all of which leads to profitable growth and a stronger brand.”

Amazon offers Harley-Davidson unrivaled access to hundreds of millions of potential new consumers. In addition, this new selection allows Harley-Davidson to reach “the next generation”—a key focus of Harley-Davidson’s accelerated growth plan, More Roads to Harley-Davidson.

“This is an exciting time in Harley-Davidson’s incredible history, and we have an opportunity on Amazon to showcase our brand, to grow reach, relevance, and access – and ultimately, the opportunity to bring new riders into our Harley-Davidson family,” said Malenshek.

In July, Harley-Davidson shared details of its More Roads to Harley-Davidson growth plan. Through this accelerated plan, the company is expanding the Harley-Davidson community through new products, broader access and stronger dealers.

To check out Harley-Davidson’s new storefront on Amazon, click here.

For more information on the More Roads to Harley-Davidson plan, follow this link.


—Press release