Preferred seating
Solo seats have always carried a rebel allure about them. But most are small, with form taking precedence over function. Plus, without someone to lean on, long distance riding can be a pain in the back. Harley-Davison hopes to solve the problem with their new Signature Series Solo Seat with Rider Backrest ($499.95). A broad seating section evenly distributes pressure across a larger area while a narrow nose ensures an easy reach and firm footing. The removable backrest is completely adjustable, providing five different heights and forward/back positions with a twist of the control knob for customized lower back support. For additional comfort, the backrest pad is thinner to make certain the rider is not shoved forward, and it allows extra space when a passenger decides to tag along. (A matching Signature Series Passenger Pillion is available separately.) Fits 2008 Touring models (except FLHTCUTG.)
Going native
Offering a product line that is staggering, Wimmer Custom Cycle has reached into their bag of design tricks and come up with another winner, the Tribal EBS Intake. This intake is a billet aluminum, fully machined unit that features internal breathing and Wimmer’s unique internal velocity stack for increased airflow. The insert is black wrinkle coat and is encircled by a chromed trim ring machined with a tribal accent. The filter is oversized and washable, requires no oiling and comes in four colors—red, black, purple and blue. A rain sock is also available. With a price of $285, the Tribal EBS Intake is designed to fit all American V-Twins and fuel injection models including drive-by-wire.
Wimmer Custom Cycle  866.468.2925
Like a rock
For those desiring the highest rigidity in their valve train, R&R Cycles presents the new Ultra Pro Street Billet Cam Support Plate and Venting Cover. The cam support plate is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and mounts to the entire circumference of the cam chest cavity, ensuring superior strength and alignment for the pinion shaft, camshafts and oil pump. The cover is designed with a network venting system that reduces excessive crankcase pressure (thereby almost eliminating oil aeration and foaming) while aiding in oil return. Engineered for ’99–’06 Twin Cams (requires the use of S&S Style Gear Drive Cams, sold separately) and 2006 Dynas and all 2007 and later H-D Big Twins (requires the use of R&R Gear Drive Cams, sold separately), the cover comes in polished, black, chrome or unpolished. Prices for the pair start at $550.
R&R Cycles, Inc.   603.645.1488
On the prowl
MC Advantages is pleased to announce the introduction of the new 107 c.i. Prowler Engine featuring a 4″ bore with a 4 1/4″ stroke. Available in either basic finish or show-polished trim, the Twin Cam-styled Prowler motor comes with forged rocker boxes and a forged oil pump and features roller rockers for durability and extended life. These motors come either fully assembled or in kit form for those enthusiastic gearheads wanting to save a few bucks. Pricing begins at $4,499 for the basic, unassembled version.
MC Advantages   800.726.9620
A star is born
Harley-Davidson takes a cue from the dark side with the new Black Thunderstar Custom Wheels for all 2009 Touring models. Available for both the front and rear, these cast aluminum wheels offer five satin-finished spokes complemented by black textured webs. They are certified to meet both DOT and JAWA (Japan Light Alloy Wheel Association) standards. The Thunderstar Wheels carry a suggested price of $424.95 each (front or rear) with matching Thunderstar Brake Rotors and Thunderstar Rear Pulleys also being offered separately.
Couple o’ pints for the road
One popular accessory back in the early days of custom bikes was the bota. No, it wasn’t a performance part, but actually a goatskin bag used to carry your favorite adult beverage, usually wine, while on a road trip. Slung over a sissy bar, its capacity was small but it could be quite comforting during a roadside breakdown. In similar fashion, the new Fuel Sling by Nash Motorcycles would be a comfort to anyone coasting to the side of the road after miscalculating the distance to the next gas station. This aluminum fuel bottle holds 33 ounces of gas, about enough for 10 miles. The sling is made from American high-grade leather, comes with brass hardware and snap closures for easy fuel bottle removal and can be mounted in a variety of locations on the bike. The Fuel Sling retails for $97 and comes in either natural tan or black leather. Just don’t try to load it with any wine—the acids in vino can make for some nasty toxins when they come in contact with certain metals.
Nash Motorcycle Company   360.693.4225
Flip your lid
Following on the successful heels of their original fork lock cover, the Marlin Corporation introduces the new Flip Cover for Road Kings. The new cover has been redesigned and incorporates a two-position latch combined with a concealed spring mechanism. The latch uses a spring-loaded ball bearing detent that holds the head in either the closed or open position, allowing for easy one-handed operation while engaging the key. This new design also allows for a lower profile of the chrome case that houses either a clock or thermometer. The options are many and include a variety of face styles and colors, push-button backlighting, and the alternative of either Fahrenheit or Celsius readouts. Traditional, non-lit units start at $94.95 MSRP and fit ’94–’07 FLHR bikes.
Marlin Corporation   800.777.5543
Klassy kicker
As so often happens in the custom motorcycle world, what started out as a favor develops into a viable product. Such is the case with Crime Scene Chopper’s Nor-Cal Star Kicker Pedal that was originally made by the shop’s owner, Joe McGlynn, for a friend. They’ve now become so popular that the shop was forced to market them. Available in either polished brass, aluminum or a black powder-coat finish, these beauties are machined from either a solid chunk of brass or aluminum and feature a knurled edge to reduce boot slippage during starting. They are dimensionally the same as Harley’s original rubber “popsickle” pedal, providing plenty of traction. A durable steel pivot shaft is part of the unit, which retails from $159 to $179.
Crime Scene Choppers   831.406.0126
Command central
Wire Plus now allows riders to tap into state-of-the-art technology while retaining classic styling with their Old School Seat Post Mounted System. Mounting in place of the seat post coil bracket on all Big Twins from 1941–’84, the ball-milled billet housing contains both a power control module and ignition switch and plugs into a preassembled wiring harness, the style of which is determined by the type of handlebar switches and controls that are being utilized. This unit also offers an exclusive feature that shuts off the headlight during starting while the taillight remains on at night. This safety feature allows for less strain on the battery while providing rear light protection. But the power control module doesn’t stop there—the housing also contains an isolated compression release circuit, replaceable starter relay and diagnostic LEDs that are viewed through a series of holes in the face of the cover. The wiring harness is available in two versions: stock-style handlebar controls and chopper-style that uses a minimal amount of switches. The chopper style also has an automotive key-activated start switch. The chopper wiring system has a suggested retail of $499 while plugging into a stock system will run you $599. The housing is available in either a chrome or black anodized finish.
Wire Plus Powersports Electronics   620.221.2417


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