Saddle straddle
Anyone who’s ever struggled with securing a fat duffel bag on the back of a bike will appreciate the thoughtful design details incorporated into this SaddleStow TS3200 Sport Tail Bag from Saddlemen. For one thing, this bag has a notched configuration on the bottom that form-fits your pillion or fender, minimizing sideways shifting of the load. For another, it has an integrated strap system for attaching to your bike’s frame, pegs, turn signal stalks or other protuberances, eliminating the need for creative bungee work. This bag is made of tough, weather-resistant 1200 denier nylon and has a bevy of pockets, internal organizers, expansion panels, handle and straps—and even a drink holder. That’s a whole lot of capacity and convenience for $99.95.
Saddlemen   800.397.7709
Bad to the Bones
Could the Cross Bones get any badder? It seems so, now that Harley-Davidson’s Color Shop has created their new Custom Grind Collection—the Alpha Paint Set, a full replacement complement of fenders and fuel tank with a radical graphic treatment. The bare metal is given a going over with a metal grinder before being shot with a satin-black tartan pattern and matte clear coat. The grind marks show through to industrially-tough effect, and to top it off, the Harley-Davidson branding on the tank is done in old-school gothic script. This set of bodywork costs a healthy $1,999.95, and similar sets are available for the ’08-’09 Softail Custom and Night Train, ’08-’09 Dyna Fat Bob, ’09 Dyna Street Bob, and the Nightster.
Wide stance
If that wide 6-gallon tank on your new Harley Tourer is making you wish you could spread your feet a little wider on long rides, these new 2009 Bagger Floorboard Spacers from Softbrake are just what the ergonomicist ordered. Easy to install, these spacers move your boards outboard by about an inch on either side, giving you a more comfortable posture and getting your boots out away from the pipes and cases they might mar with hot rubber. Available in either chrome and black anodized, the spacer set costs a mere $50.
Softbrake   714.680.0911
Gone walkabout
For Shaq or Bozo, the Banana Boards from Cyclesmiths should be standard equipment. For the rest of us they’re a custom styling statement constructed of nickel-finish billet aluminum with high-grip rubber pads riveted into place. From a functional standpoint, these boards provide some serious room to move for feet grown restless on the road. They’re available in two sizes, the 19-inch jobs shown here ($299.99) and the more abbreviated—but still overgrown—14-inch units ($219.99). Either style can be had with or without a bright nickel finish on the rivets.
Custom Chrome   800.359.5700
A star is born
Adding to their existing line-up of decorative replacements for the uninspired triangle plate that comes stock on Harley’s detachable sissy bar for Tourer models, Ironspirit has introduced five new Backrest Plate designs including the Cross and Eagle units shown here. Installation couldn’t be simpler, with just three screws involved. Other new styles offered are the Firefighter Maltese, Dice, and the Fleur de Lis for you Francophiles in the audience. Prices start at $117.
Ironspirit   805.433.5033
On the prow
With Harley-Davidson’s new Illuminated Fairing Accent Trim, you can add a splash of chrome to your batwing and enhance your visibility in the bargain. Designed to complement the Company’s Illuminated LED Windshield Molding, also pictured, the Accent Trim features amber LED running lights that serve also as auxiliary turn indicators. The wiring for the lights is housed entirely within the fairing for a sanitary appearance, and all installation hardware is included in the $199.95 price.
There’s no doubt that the new Deepsickness Spiked Points Cover from Greg’s Custom Cycle Works looks wicked. And there’s no doubt that it’s made of the finest stuff, being CNC machined from primo billet aluminum. And there’s no doubt that it’s versatile in its application, being compatible with the nosecones of Shovelheads, Evos and Twin Cams, and offered in satin, polished or powder-coated finishes. And there’s no doubt that sooner or later you’re going to bump into it with your leg. Price is $168.
Greg’s Custom Cycle Works   727.461.4840
Cache and carry
JIMS has come out with a new collection of billet goodies for 2009 called “A Cut Above,” and among the items offered are the Billet Front Head Motor Mount ($139.50) that replaces the staid stock motor mount on ’08–’09 Tourer models with some CNC sizzle. Like all components in the collection, the motor mount is machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum with your choice of polished, chromed or black anodized finish. The most novel piece in the collection—which also includes pushrod and tappet block covers, transmission top and side covers, and saddlebag latches—is the clever Bike Pocket ($155). This unit consists of an adapter plate and twist-off cap that transform the timing cover of any Twin Cam into a small quick-access niche for stashing stuff. Dope comes to mind… but the company suggests things like vehicle documents. Right. Like those would fit.
JIMS   877.482.6913
There are few things more irritating than firing up your bike after it’s been sitting idle for awhile and being rewarded with oil blowing out of the sump. That’s all too common an irritation on bottom-breathing mills, but one that Wimmer has addressed beautifully with their Billet Puke Can. The name says it all. This shiny receptacle mounts to the front frame tube and plumbs into your breather, catching the oily mess and holding it until you twist the petcock on the bottom and drain the stuff off neatly. Installation is reportedly simple, and the $175 price includes all necessary clamps and fittings.
Wimmer Custom Cycle   866.468.2925


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