Bad to the beach
Adding to the FLSTSB Cross Bones’ already impressive list of bolt-on accessories—a list that includes an ubercool sissy bar, pillion and remarkably functional saddlebags—is the new Cross Bones Gloss Black Narrow Beach Handlebar. Distinctly old-school in design, and evoking the FL handlebar of yore, this item is yet another means of setting your scoot apart from the OE crowd while keeping your Dark Custom cred intact. The handlebar will also work with other contemporary Springer models, and owners of FLSTSC Springer Classics should sit up and take notice. The price is a low $69.95.
Back to the future
The J&P Cycles annual tradition of ferreting out evocative old photos of motoculture and presenting them in a practical format continues with the release of the 2009 Vintage Wind Calendar, which has nothing to do with Grampa’s flatulence. Hopefully. For the current installment, J&P has unearthed a collection of archival images from East Side Motorcycles, a venerable Harley-Davidson dealership in Portland, Oregon. The calendars retail for $9.99 plus $3 for shipping, and that’s a whole lot of nostalgia for the price.
J&P Cycles  800.397.4844
Thick and trick
Owners of Twin Cam-powered Softails looking to do a little customizing on the cheap will want to consider these Screamin’ Eagle 10mm Phat Spark Plug Wires. For the paltry sum of $19.95 you can optimize the flop of ignition current while adding a splash of color to your ride. The wires are offered in red, orange, and yellow in addition to basic black, and feature the Screamin’ Eagle script imprinted on the insulation to let onlookers know you’re serious about your style. Multi-use wire sets are also available for other model applications.
Double Ds
In addition to the unique appearance they provide, the “D” cross sections of the mufflers on this Elite-D Exhaust System from Yuill Brothers bring other advantages to the table. For one thing, this system improves heat dissipation throughout the exhaust circuit, making for a happier motor, and for another it diffuses sound waves and gives the bike a distinctive exhaust note. Performance improvements include both top-end horsepower and low-end torque gains. Available for ’07–’09 FL models, the system costs $1,195.95.
Yuill Brothers  
Big boys’ toys
Many of us are old enough to recall the Mattel Vroom Motor of the early ’60s—a small plastic toy motor that fastened to your bicycle and made motorcycle sounds. Actually, the sound was closer to that of a leaf blower, but it didn’t matter. It was cool. And if your bicycle happened to be a coaster brake Hawthorne or Huffy, you’re probably feeling a twinge right now looking at these Ridley Vintage Motorbikes. These are even cooler, though, because they actually work. Four models are offered, including the “1903” and “MP” models shown here, with the basic bike kit costing $1,440 and the motor—you have your choice of a 49cc or 70cc unit—adding another $550. The motors are EPA compliant and deliver an estimated 120 mpg. Top speed on the 70cc version is about 33 mph.
Ridley Motorcycle Company  
Darth Breather
The Gloss Black Screamin’ Eagle Street Legal Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner Kit may sound like a long-winded obscene phone call, but what it is in reality is the latest treatment of Harley-Davidson’s premiere engine intake system. Introduced originally as a decidedly race-only system, the Heavy Breather was reworked two years ago into emissions-compliant trim and affixed to CVO models with, well, breathtaking results. The system provides improved air flow and performance, and uses a washable, rechargeable filter element. A polished and black powder coated elbow, and black end cap with laser-engraved logo give the setup its sinister beauty. The kit includes a water-repellent rain sock for foul-weather duty, and comes with all required mounting hardware for $299.95.
High zoot pursuit
Harley-Davidson’s police models have long had a dedicated following of non-cop admirers who prize the machines for their performance, utilitarian virtues, and features not found on Milwaukee’s core models, most notably, the Air-Ride saddle. This seating system doubles down on the air suspension of the Tourer platform by adding a bladder cushion beneath the seat to enhance the all-day comfort of the bike. The only drawback to the setup has been a dearth of alternative seating arrangements, but that’s no longer the case with the new Mustang Textured Air-Ride Solo for 1997–’09 FL police and fire/rescue models. This saddle is designed to provide the operator a deep seating pocket, and what’s more, it can be augmented with Mustang’s optional operator backrest for maximum support. The backrest folds down for ease of mounting. The solo saddle and backrest combination sells for $529. An optional matching passenger pillion provides a plush perch for your partner and goes for $229.
Mustang Motorcycle Seats   800.243.1392
Ruggedly handsome
When Baker Drivetrain’s Torquebox transmission was introduced last year it caused a stir, garnering raves for both its hyper-engineered bulletproof cases and components, and for its beautifully brutalist “Function-Formed” appearance. Designed for use in super high-performance applications, it nevertheless found a market among builders interested chiefly in its looks. To cater strictly to that market, Baker has developed this new Powerbox, a spittin’ image of the Torquebox, only without what the company calls its “obscene level of torque capacity.” The Powerbox houses Baker’s popular Overdrive 6-Speed Evo transmission—which is plenty strong for virtually all non-obscene applications—while retaining all outward appearances of the Function-Formed design. The best part, of course, is the corresponding reduction in price that comes with it. The Powerbox is available in conventional right-side drive configuration for $3,595, and a left-side drive box for custom applications is offered for a hundred bucks more.
Baker Drivetrain   877.640.2004
Retractable loading gear
Loading and unloading a bike into or out of a pickup bed is tricky business no matter how many times you’ve done it, and improving your chances of getting it done without a spill is a matter of using a long ramp and, ideally, one wide enough to allow straddling the machine with your feet down. That’s what the Scorpion Portable Ramp provides, and what’s better is that it folds up into a tight three-foot-square package for transport in the bed. This ramp unfolds into a 10′ x 3′ platform with a punched and raised traction deck and sells for $985. A 14′ version will be available in the spring.
Scorpion Ramp   360.790.2350


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