They say, “Black is the new chrome,” (whoever they are), and in response Wire Plus introduces their new Classic Black Face Round Digital Speedo. Encased in an all-black housing, this tiny wonder condenses a speedometer, tach, odometer, trip odometer and all your bike’s indicator light functions into a 2 1/2″-diameter, flat-panel design. The unit is totally self-contained (no external controller) and features “true daylight” readability with an auto-dimming sensor for nighttime rides. Available in a variety of mounting options, this nifty speedo carries an MSRP of $399.99. A chrome housing and bracket is an option for those still into shiny things.
Wire Plus Powersports Electronics   620.221.2417
Roadside intern
While others wait to see if Congress can agree on a health care package, bikers generally take a hands-on approach. And whether it’s a skeeter bite or something more serious, Harley-Davidson’s Biker’s First Aid Kit provides the highway medic with a wide variety of needful equipment. Ideally suited for a road captain or long-distance touring rider, this kit contains sun screen packets, burn ointment, hand sanitizers, antibiotic, eyewash, various sizes of band-aid strips and bandages, gauze pads with tape, insect sting relief pads, cleansing towelettes, scissors, a rain poncho, tissues, ear plugs, a lens cleaning cloth, tissues, survival wrap and latex-free gloves. It comes in an 8″ x 6″ x 3″ zippered nylon case and includes a first-aid guide, pencil and paper for $39.95.
Noise terminator
In an effort to eliminate the shake and rattle so you can roll, Softbrake is pleased to introduce their Spring Loaded Shift Rod Spacer. Harley FL models come with an OEM rubber spacer that sandwiches between the foot-shift lever and the mounting boss/bracket. Because of engine vibration, this rubber spacer loosens over time, causing the entire assembly to rattle. Softbrake’s spring-loaded spacer replaces the rubber bushing completely and, due to its design, the constant spring pressure ends all rattling and future adjustments. The spacer is machined from billet aluminum with a chrome finish and once installed, the spring is not visible. Available in two lengths, the longer spacer allows for the removal of the heel shift lever without the need for an end cap on the shifter shaft. The short spacer retails for $16, while the longer one will cost you $19.
Softbrake, Inc.   714.680.0911
Rings of fire
Air-cooled motors exist in a harsh environment that produces extreme pressures under varying temperatures. Wiseco’s New Ring Technology for V-Twin Applications features superior conformability to the cylinder bore, a characteristic vital to an air-cooled engine. They also offer reduced friction loading, which frees up hidden horsepower while minimizing wear. Produced from only the finest grade of materials and finishing, these rings are compatible with a wide range of cylinder surfaces including cast iron, ductile iron and Nikasil (Indian Motorcycles’ standard bore lining). Contact Wiseco for your particular application and pricing.
Wiseco Piston Company   440.951.6600
Classic cleaner
Known for some of the most outstanding motorcycle air intakes in the industry, Wimmer Custom Cycle recently combined a vintage design with performance enhancements. The result is the Old School Style S&S Replacement Air Cleaner. This CNC-machined billet unit comes complete with an adapter, an oversized filter and cover designed to fit any S&S carburetor. It comes with a lifetime filter, with rain sock available separately. Coming in satin black, satin nickel or wrinkle black, the various pieces can be ordered in different finishes to further accent your particular style. MSRP begins at $225.
Wimmer Custom Cycle  866.468.2925
Reassuring reluctant riders
With more and more new riders taking to the streets, there are also more new passengers than ever before. And many of those passengers are initially uncomfortable perched on the back of a bike. So after more than five years of development, Enchantment Motor Sports has recently introduced their Love Handles. Attaching to the back of most bikes sporting a sissybar, Love Handles provide the comfort of an armchair while adding security and reducing the fear factor. Utilizing a proprietary release system, the armrests pivot outward, allowing the passenger easy seating access. They can even swivel 180 degrees and lock into place, providing an additional luggage carrier for lightweight gear. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, chromed steel and synthetic leather, Love Handles carry a price of $329 for the basic version with studs, fringe or flames available at an extra cost. They carry a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime guarantee against product defects.
Enchantment Motor Sports  888.662.8884
Protecting your backside
Since most drivers act as if riders were invisible, any additional lighting that adds safety is never a bad choice, especially when that additional lighting doesn’t load down the bike, making it resemble a lightshow barge. And Harley’s new Rear Fender Tip Light—Auxiliary Running Light/Brake Light fits the bill perfectly. This cool unit replaces the OEM rear-fender tip light and converts it from a single-mode running light to a dual-mode with a brighter intensity when your brakes are applied. Available with either a red or smoked lens, the light installs with a plug-in connection to the original wiring harness. Retailing for $94.95, this auxiliary brake light fits 2009–later Electra Glide Classics, Ultra Classics and Ultra Limited models.
Skinny pig
Send that hawg to the fat farm with this new Razor-Pak Luggage from Harley-Davidson. Measuring 22″ wide by 16″ long by 5 1/2″ high, this low-profile top pack has a capacity of 1,900 cubic inches and is the perfect size for a laptop, briefcase, half-helmet or a weekend’s worth of clothes. The Razor-Pak can be mounted either rigid or to a detachable Tour-Pak mounting system and fits 1997-later Touring models. It comes primed for $649 or is available in 30 original-equipment colors from $749.95 to $1,199.95. The backrest pad, lock and keys are sold separately. Not compatible with rear speakers. Check with a Harley-Davidson dealer for additional hardware requirements.
Triple threat
The team at Cobra Engineering has just released a stunning set of slip-on mufflers to fit 1995–2010 Harley baggers. While the new Tri-Oval Mufflers carry a solid bass resonance, they are quiet enough to fall within decibel limits pleasing to both the MIC and the SAE. Beginning with a standard circular front configuration, the mufflers gradually morph into a triangular oval shape at the rear and are capped with unique dual exhaust ports. Increased performance over stock pipes is claimed, most noted in low and mid-range. They are priced at $539.95 per set for chrome while a set in black ceramic will boost the price to $639.95. They fit stock head pipes as well as Cobra’s PowerPort Duals and True Dual head pipes.
Cobra Engineering  714.692.8180


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