Chill out
Here’s a timely item as we head into the heat of July; it’s the new Women’s Wind Crest Mesh Jacket ($125) from Harley-Davidson’s MotorClothes motoclothiers. It’s constructed of breezy polyester mesh for cool running, but that’s just part of the chilling proposition. It also features sewn-in pockets dimensioned to accept a pair of The Company’s Hydration Packs ($40). Essentially swamp coolers, these packs fill with water and permit a controlled, heat-dissipating evaporation to cool your core (they didn’t call them Sweat Hogs?). But comfort’s one thing, protection’s another, and in that regard we’re happy to note that the jackets are also fashioned to accept FXRG body armor inserts. Those will set you back about fifty bucks, but for a grand total of $215, you’ll have the ideal rig for riding out a heat wave.
Harley-Davidson MotorClothes  

Good strong back
Engineered by JIMS for use on the fly-by-wire throttle bodies of late-model Harley Touring models, this new Race Flow Air Cleaner Kit is built to take a beating, boasting a backing plate machined from a single block of 6061 billet aluminum that can handle the operational stresses of even the most heavily breathed-on mills. What’s more, it’s designed with O-ring grooves cut into the surface to facilitate a quick, shimless, leak-free installation. It provides an advanced air breather ported system and increased air flow for hotter performance. The price is $299.
JIMS  877.482.6913
Pocket change
Mustang Seats now offers these Pouch Tank Bibs that add a handy feature to their popular line of tank toppers. These pieces incorporate a handy expandable pocket to the existing designs, one that opens to a full 3.5 inches at the top and seals with a Velcro closure for easy on-the-fly access. It’s large enough to carry all those small riding requisites that you’d ordinarily stash in your jeans or jacket and have to dig for. The pouch features a soft lining, and the bib itself is form-fitting, felt-backed, and trimmed with a braided edge. They’re available in either a plain finish, for $65, or decked out with studs and concho for $75, and there are versions to fit a wide variety of models.
Mustang Motorcycle Seats   800.243.1392
Something sweet to squeeze
Now owners of Harley-Davidson ’08–’09 Touring models can take advantage of the impressive and proven Apex Metal Composite High-Performance Floating Rotors from Lyndall Racing Brakes. These new 11.8-inch discs are designed for the Brembo calipers on those models, and improve braking performance appreciably while lowering unsprung weight. Employing ultra-lightweight materials in place of the stock stainless steel, these rotors possess a higher coefficient of friction while dissipating heat more efficiently, and weighing in at a scant 1.8 pounds each. There are cosmetic benefits here as well, with the center carriers being offered in either chrome or black anodized finishes, and the attachment buttons available in black, silver, blue, red or gold.
Lyndall Racing Brakes   800.400.9490
Ready, aim, drill
If there’s a bigger pain in the keister to deal with than a snapped-off exhaust stud, we don’t know what it is. Fixing the problem involves drilling out and extracting the remnant from the head, and that’s an undertaking fraught with peril. Fortunately, George’s Garage—an outfit whose stock in trade is devising clever tools for dicey situations—has developed this Exhaust Stud Drill Jig to take the guesswork out of the procedure. This device installs into the exhaust manifold and positions a drill bit guide bushing in perfect alignment, allowing you to drill away with confidence. The $84.50 price is cheap compared to what it costs to treat panic attacks.
George’s Garage
Juice on the loose
There’s a proliferating breed of riders these days that delights in packing along their electronic tools and toys, and staying connected whenever and wherever they ride. To simplify this passion, especially on long trips, a new company called Hardbagger has created the compact Double Shot 12v Accessory Charging Center, a saddlebag-mounted console that features a pair of conventional cigarette lighter power outlets as well as a USB power port for use with the likes of iPods, PDAs and laptops. It also features an LED battery monitor for checking the state-of-charge status of the attached gizmos. The system fits tidily within a corner of the bag, and is a plug-and-play unit requiring no cutting or splicing in installing it to your bike’s accessory switch circuitry. The system turns on with the accessory switch for charging while riding down the road, and can be activated with the accessory position of the ignition switch for stationary duty with the gizmos locked in the bag. The price is nice, too, at $99.95.
Hardbagger   951.834.2557
Gitcher kicks
Baker Drivetrain is no stranger to kickstarters, having incorporated that obsolete but über-cool technology into some of their most innovative transmissions like the Frankentranny for Evos and the 6-into-4 Shovelhead boxes, and now they’ve brought that experience and their daunting engineering chops to the task of creating a truly functional and durable bolt-on kicker assembly for contemporary applications. The result is the F5K and F6K Kicker Kits for stock Harley-Davidson 5-speed and 6-speed transmissions. These kits improve upon existing bolt-on designs by using a ratchet hub that presses onto the shank of the transmission’s mainshaft, rather than merely screwing onto the end of it—a setup that dramatically reduces the chance of the thing snapping off under vigorous use. The F5K sells for $1,495, and the F6K is $1,695, and both kits include a stainless steel kicker arm with brass pedal, a pre-assembled door and cover (both mechanical and hydraulic are available), and the necessary fasteners and gaskets. Best of all, the installation can be performed with the tranny in the bike.
Baker Drivetrain   877.640.2004
Wireless wheels
The BT-2D Wireless Intercom System from Midland Radio might well be the moto-epitome of electronic multitasking. First, it’s a communication system that lets you talk with your pillion pal, or with any riding buddy within a 220-yard range. Second, it’s a Bluetooth-enabled device that incorporates up to three separate devices like a cell phone, GPS and MP3. On top of those tasks, which are performed without wires, the system can also be plugged into non-Bluetooth gadgets—if that’s all you’ve got—and also do other stuff that involves techie terms and acronyms that, frankly, we don’t grok. And we thought we were so hip. It’s a bewildering array of capabilities loaded into small helmet-mounted modules, and for $399.99, you get a pair of those modules plus suitable microphones, and both AC and DC chargers. A full charge is good for eight hours of operation. If you’ll be riding longer than that, check out the Partz item to the left on this page.
Midland Radio   816.241.8500
Wide load
Serious touring riders—particularly those who travel two-up—will appreciate the .38 Caliber Saddlebags being produced by Legendary Innovations. These outsize bags (contrasted with the stock bag in the photo) hold a whopping 40 percent more gear than you can currently stuff in your bike, and do so without significantly altering the bike’s essential appearance. The .38 Calibers in paint-ready primer can be purchased singly for $610, or as a set for $1,095, and can also be had color-matched to your factory paint job for an additional $450-$695 depending on the specific application. They’re constructed of laminated fiberglass, finished on the inside with a Tuff Black coating, and come supplied with fabric lid supports, rubber bottom supports, and mount grommets. The hinges and latches come off of your existing factory bags.
Legendary Innovations   217.586.2201


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