Designed, patented and wind-tunnel tested to provide the most superior air fl ow possible is the new Triple Vent System Jacket from Harley-Davidson. Utilizing three strategically-placed vents on each side of the jacket’s shell, stay-open snap tabs provide extra-wide openings that allow for maximum airflow from front to back that is unaffected by backrests, fairings or passengers. The Men’s Wick Twister is made from mid-weight buffalo leather with a polyester mesh lining, action back and body armor pockets. It sells for $495. The Women’s Worden and Men’s Rutland are both textile jackets using the Triple Vent System. Made from 100-percent waterproof polyester, they also come with body armor pockets. The Women’s Worden carries a price tag of $295 while the Men’s Rutland goes for $335. All jackets come with various graphics and reflective piping.
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Partz: A rush of fresh air Partz: A rush of fresh air Partz: A rush of fresh air Partz: A rush of fresh air


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