Vintage revisited
The gearheads at Baker Drivetrain have turned their attention and technology to improving the venerable four-speed transmission that was used in its basic configuration by The Motor Company for nearly a half century. The result of their tinkering is the new Vintage-Styled 4-Speed that brings a long list of upgrades and options to the form. The cast-aluminum case is compatible with both gear-driven and electronic speedometer pick-ups, and the cast-aluminum top cover features Baker’s smooth-shifting linear détente setup. What’s more, these boxes house a modern 8620 steel gear set riding on needle bearings rather than brass bushings. The cases are available in wrinkle-black finish as well as the basic raw aluminum, and they’re also available with either a mechanical or hydraulic side cover, and with or without a kicker. They’ll work on all Knuckleheads, Panheads and Shovelheads.

Baker Drivetrain  877.640.2004

Backup unit
As a growing number of riders discover the practical advantages of having a reverse gear on their hogs—both the two and three-wheeled varieties—Advanced Innovational Machining (AIM) is keeping pace with the introduction of their new Mamba Two-Piece Reverse Gear Kit, a more economical version of their existing and impressive one-piece Mamba kit. The new kit installs using your stock transmission side cover, which explains the savings, and sells for $1295. For that price you get everything you need to effect the upgrade, and kits are available for most 5-speed and 6-speed Harley-Davidson transmissions up to and including the 2010 models. Both the gear housing and the shifter knob are chrome-plated, and installation is reportedly an easy operation.

AIM   714.848.3031

Partial exposure
The visual centerpiece of the new 2-Inch Semi-Open Drive for Baggers from Belt Drives Unlimited is the striking belt cover and top guard that will add a dash of custom panache to any Harley Touring model from 1990–present while effectively keeping foreign objects—like your foot—out of the works. But that’s not the whole story here, since this drive system also includes the company’s proven 2-inch primary belt drive, their ball-bearing lock-up clutch, and a revised pulley ratio optimized for overall performance. The covers are offered polished, chromed, black anodized or clear anodized, and the whole shebang sells for between $1950 and $2250, depending on which cover finish you opt for.

Belt Drives Unlimited   714.685.3333

Simplify and beautify the plumbing on your current ride of your next build project with this collection of Jiffy-Tite Quick-Connect Fluid Fittings from Mckenzies Performance. Once installed on your fuel, oil, or coolant lines, these fittings connect and disconnect with a quick pull on the spring-loaded collar of the device, eliminating the need for tools or clamps. They’re completely leak-proof, have minimal flow restriction, and are budget-priced compared to similar fixtures available on the market. They look cool, too.

Mckenzies Performance  714.441.1212

Bill folder
Put your weapon where your money is with one of these new Levitator Money Clip Knives crafted by Benchmade Knife Company under license from Harley-Davidson. Two models are offered, a drop-point blade style knife with a Bar & Shield on the money clip, and a tanto blade knife with an H-D skull ornament to bite your Benjamins. Both versions feature a Levitator locking mechanism and can be ordered with either an AUS8 high carbon titanium-coated blade, or one made of satin stainless steel. Take your pick for $60.
Benchmade Knife Company   800.800.7427

Ready reference
With the introduction of Harley-Davidson’s new Sportster Fuel Gauge Kit, Sporty pilots can now get a more useful indication of their gas supply than that provided simply by the stock low-fuel warning light. Included in the $249.95 kit are an in-tank sensor and sending unit, a wiring harness, and a replacement master cylinder cover that incorporates an array of four LEDs indicating remaining fuel supply—one LED for each quarter tank. The covers come in black or chrome, and the kits will fit any XL or XR model made from 2007–present.


Raw beauty
These Shocker Controls are satin-finished works of smooth simplicity designed by Deep South Choppers as standard equipment on their own Shocker Series of custom machines, but they’re also being offered to the general bike-accessorizing public because, frankly, it would be selfish not to. Manufactured by Switch Blade Billet for Deep South, the collection includes foot controls for $399, hand controls for $349, and switch modules for $399.

Deep South Choppers 

Bridging the gap
Designed to alleviate the engine heat properties of the Buell Ulysses that made hot-weather motoring even hotter on the operator, the new Ulysses Comfort Kit is essentially an air scoop that mounts on the right side of the machine and redirects air flow to minimize that discomfort. The kit is actually standard issue on the 2010 Ulysses models (what there are of them), and will retrofit to all previous models, both XB12X and XB12XT. It costs $119.95. Also offered separately by Buell is a fuel injection recalibration that cools things down further, and results in less running time on the engine’s cooling fan.

Buell Motorcycles

Simply lovely
This new Women’s Spontaneity Leather Jacket from Harley-Davidson MotorClothes is an attractive exercise in the basics. A pair of hand warmer pockets, a pair of interior stash pockets, and a mandarin collar—that’s about as basic and fundamentally functional as riding leathers get, and this garment presents the package with just enough fancy seam work and stitchery to make it pop. At $275, the price is attractive too.



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