Eliminating the guesswork, the new Handlebar-Mounted Pushbutton Controller with LED Pressure Gauge by Arnott Air Suspension provides a visual reference for accurate inflation of your rear shocks each time. Designed to be used with an Arnott system, the digital blue LED display provides a pressure reading in pounds per square inch. Manufactured with a high-impact aluminum housing that comes in either a chrome or hard anodized black finish, this waterproof assembly is completely sealed from the outside elements. The unit includes an attached wiring harness pre-configured with the proper connections, a pressure transducer that attaches to the Arnott manifold, additional tubing, airline fittings, spade connectors and wiretaps for connecting the unit to the bike’s ignition. Both black and chrome versions retail for $299 each.

Arnott Air Suspension Products | 877.900.0247 | arnottcycles.com


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