Lighter and stronger than either steel or aluminum, the new BST Carbon Fiber Wheels for Harley-Davidson have just been released by Brock’s Performance. Designed to fit most stock Sportster, Dyna, Softail (old and new) and Touring models, sizes range from 16″ to 21″ up front and 16” to 18” out back. There is also a wide variety of rim widths on tap with rear wheels up to 8.5″. Using high-tech processes pioneered in the aerospace industry, BST wheels are manufactured in a single molding process with a unique monocoque design that features hollow spokes. Weighing much less than conventional billet, cast or spoke wheels, the BST Carbon Fiber hoops offer the lowest possible moment of inertia and deliver faster acceleration, improved braking, enhanced cornering and better suspension action due to reduced unsprung weight. Plus the BST Carbon Fiber Wheels are available in a variety of candy colors—adding some “pop” along with performance.
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