Produced, blended and bottled from 100-percent U.S.-sourced components is the new line of performance Twin Power Lubricants. Using four industry-standard tests, these oils exceed JASO MA2 specs and provide shear stability, film strength, wear resistance, clutch performance and consistent viscosity, and increased stability at high temperatures. The engine oils include a 20W50 (standard and full-synthetic), a 10W40 and 25W60 grade. There is a SAE 80W90 transmission gear lube as well as an 85W140 semi-synthetic transmission oil. Fork oil in both 10 and 20 weight along with primary chain lube is also available. Coming in both single quarts and discounted case lots (12-pack), these lubricants come in heavy-gauge, wide-mouth bottles with foil-sealed caps and color-coded labels. Check with your supplier for pricing.

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