The Harley primary chain has been a troublesome affair since its inception, and although we no longer have to tolerate sliding transmissions around to achieve proper chain tension (i.e. the Panhead days), problems still exist. In 2006 H-D engineers sought to alleviate the situation and developed an automatic ratcheting primary chain tensioner. Problem was the tensioner could only ratchet tighter to take up slack and not compensate for a tight spot in the primary chain. The result was premature wear of the primary drive and even bearing failure. As a solution Twin Power has developed the Tension Reliever Manual Primary Chain Adjuster. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum that is hard anodized, the adjuster also features a 4140 steel adjusting screw and a heavy-duty
6/6 nylon shoe. Please note that the Tension Reliever is only for use with a 34-tooth sprocket and that removal of the outer primary cover is required to adjust chain tension. The suggested retail price is $195.

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