The design objective of the new Phase 2 HedLED Headlamp from Rivera Primo was to create an L.E.D. fixture in a traditional style, making it suitable for use in any seven-inch headlight application—“a 2014 Touring model or a 1950 Panhead FL or anything in between” is how they describe it. The resulting unit throws an ultra-bright high or low L.E.D. beam while drawing less current than conventional incandescent fixtures, so both retro and modern charging systems will power it. It also incorporates L.E.D. turn indicators on the perimeter sides, and houses it all under an honest-to-gosh glass lens. Both DOT and EU compliant, these lamps retail for a low $282.57.

Rivera Primo Phase 2 HedLED Headlamp
Rivera Primo Phase 2 HedLED Headlamp

Rivera Primo


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