Softail Rear Pegs

Alloy Art


When it comes to your Harley, chances are one of the last things you might think of in terms of customizing are your passenger footpegs. With so many other components to decide on, small items like passenger pegs can easily get lost in the details. Well, it’s those details that can elevate the everyday bike into a well-executed custom.

While a bike’s style certainly influences whether you normally ride solo or two-up, there is a good chance at some point you are going to end up having someone on the seat behind you, or maybe a pretty young thing on your rear fender with nothing more than a tight pair of jeans separating her from your paint. Whatever the case, a set of passenger pegs will keep your passenger’s feet firmly planted on your bike, making your job of controlling the bike a hell of a lot easier.

Robbie Lane, owner of Alloy Art, has been churning out quality motorcycle components since 1999. Robbie identified a need for parts that not only serve a function, but also enhance the look of a motorcycle. Alloy Art offers many different parts designed to make your V-twin work better and look better at the same time. One product that really caught my eye was their Softail Rear Pegs (SRP). I saw a pair of SRPs on a display at a local show, and I knew they would be a great addition to my 1999 Fat Boy.

Unlike most Softail pegs, which bolt to the frame’s sideplates then fold upward and sit outboard of the frame when not in use, the Alloy Art SRPs mount to the same hole, but all other similarities end there. The peg’s design allows it to sit flush with the sideplate, while at the same time mirroring the curvature of the back edge of the plate. This allows the SRP to blend right into the frame when it is in its folded position.

The SRPs are carved from 6061 aluminum and are held together with stainless steel springs and pins. When Robbie named his company Alloy Art, he was dead on with his description. Holding the parts in your hand, you realize this is not just a collection of pieces made to get a job done. No! Each SRP is a work of art, consisting of flowing lines seamlessly blending from one surface to another. But there is far more to the SRPs than good looks. These pegs are solid as rocks, exhibiting smooth movement as you open or close them. Whether you have them opened or closed, they stay where you put them with no pieces to rattle around or take away from their beauty.

Attaching the SRPs to the bike takes just moments, needing only one bolt per peg. Depending on whether your bike was produced before or after 2000, the mounting will vary slightly, with 1999 and earlier models utilizing a through-bolt and nut, and later models using a threaded sideplate. Either way installation is a snap.

Once bolted to the bike you’ll be hard pressed to find a better pair of passenger pegs. Their flat surface offers plenty of solid foot support, along with the reassurance you get, especially when you put lots of weight on them. Alloy Art offers the SRPs in a couple of configurations: the original SRP, and the new Shortie SRP complete with a shorter folding section perfect for Deuces, bikes with wide-tire kits, and a wide variety of customs. Either model can be ordered in chrome or black anodized.


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