With Mars approaching an exact conjunction with Saturn this week, we are all in the shadow of this epic event. The two planets are bringing two different ideas to the collective and have come face-to-face. Mars in Scorpio will not have such a powerful discussion with Saturn again for 29-years. They are lining up now, as we speak, to bring truth and honor to the table. We can all feel it, see it, and wonder what the heck is going on?

Well, from my humble perspective, I see it like this… with Mars in Scorpio in conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio; we are all under an intense microscope, yet it’s so easy to shift the focus to everyone else. Saturn brings reality and shows us our true selves. Mars can stir the fire in us and when transiting Scorpio, he uncovers the hidden truth.

There are universal laws that we all live by and they bond us together, whether we realize it or not.

I’ve been privileged to observe the world of motorcycle clubs from an up-close-and-personal perspective, and they live by a code of honor that most people have never experienced. The rules of the road; always back a brother, right or wrong… you may have to call him out later, but you back him in the moment. Never say anything about your brother that you wouldn’t say in love to him first. Allow him the chance to right his wrong or offense within the family. And, if you throw the first punch, you better be willing to stand by your decision. Your word means everything, or else everything means nothing.

The problem today is, we have forgotten the importance of a brotherhood or sisterhood. We want to live by our own rules at the expense of others. We say and do what ever we want, and if someone disagrees with us or tells us the truth, we cut them out of our lives with a press of a button.

What would happen if we remembered we are tribal, we do need community and we do need each other. In the MC world, they wear a patch that represents a code of honor higher than them selves. They humbly serve each other, and let me tell you, they won’t even take their boots off at night until every brother is safely off their bike and at home. I don’t know, maybe I‘m a little old school, but I have witnessed a group of bikers live by these rules and their bond is something to be envied by all.

The planets are asking you to look at your life and decide; what “code of honor” do you live by?


  1. Excellent post! So interesting about the biker brotherhood. Trust bonds us. In really resonate with the important truth in your message Chrystal. Thank you!


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