The Harley-Davidson Motor Company has collaborated with Marvel Studios and created five motorcycles for the movie Captain America: The First Avenger released on July 22. Harley coordinated the modification of their Cross Bones model to resemble a 1942 WLA military edition (WL’s were for civilian use while the “A” models were designated for the “Army”.) Working with Marvel, The Motor Company also recreated additional parts (such as an ammunition box and leather gun scabbard) to maintain as an authentic period look as possible. (There are even fins on top of the engine’s heads to give the appearance of the bike being a Flathead.) Two of the motorcycles will become a part of the Harley-Davidson Museum’s collection and will be featured in an exhibit running through Labor Day.​m

To further extend the red, white and blue experience, Harley and Marvel are giving away two 1200cc Sportsters—one to a member of the military and another to a civilian. The two winners will be able to customize their bikes however they see fit. Log on to to enter.

And check out for some behind the scenes that show some great Harley related action-hero riding sequences. Early reviews of the movie show that the teamwork between the two companies may pay off big time.


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