#13 In Roads-Pig Turd


It’s a good thing there aren’t really any rules to this little challenge of mine because today could be viewed as a failure since I didn’t get a picture of anyone new. I did make contact and had a conversation, even though I wasn’t much in the mood to chat with strangers, so I’m thinking that’s the important part. As a consolation, I’m offering two other images from today’s ride.pig turd alley_0580

Buddy Bruce and I took off for a little adventure this morning and I let him know one of the goals for the day was to meet somebody new, so he’s forewarned as we head out. We stop to get produce at a farm stand and dead cow for dinner from a local butcher shop as we cruise to some old haunts from 10 or 12 years ago when we used to zip through the foothills on a regular basis. We tripped out over how much has changed and how many other things have been left untouched by time. One of the things that happily remains is the old road sign to Pig Turd Alley, even though it’s pretty rusty and somewhat overgrown. We were relieved to discover no one’s gotten all politically correct and taken it down. It was good to find folks still have a sense of humor and I discovered the sign still makes me giggle.

We were on a grub hunt and pulled over in Jackson to check out the haps. Finding the Historic National Hotel closed, we stood discussing options and checking out the main drag when a tiny little woman approached us. “Oh my gawd, those motorcycles are absolutely beautiful,” she tells us as she covers her mouth in awe. “You know, I used to ride,” she pauses by my bike as she recalls her own experiences. “I remember riding around on the back of a 1979 Harley-Davidson back in the day. We rode all over the place on that thing. It was like heaven.”

“Really? That’s cool, tell us about it,” I tell her as I take my camera out and train it on her weathered face. “Oh my gawd,” she shrieks as she swats at me. “What the hell are you thinking? Are you crazy? You are not taking my picture! Put that thing away. Seriously? Who does that anyway, just goes around taking people’s pictures? I don’t think so!” She flings her hands over her head and keeps marching up the sidewalk, muttering as she goes. And that pretty much did it for me for the rest of the day.


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