Duke Tri-Glide Wheelie
Who let this hooligan in charge?

Hi, my name is Kevin Duke and I’m a motorcycle addict. If you count Harley-Davidson’s new Pan America that I’ll be riding April 19, it’ll add up to about 950 different motorcycles I’ve ridden in my lifetime. I’ve commuted and toured, bashed trails and bar-hopped, been to Sturgis and Daytona several times, and gone full throttle on roadrace circuits and at the dragstrip. 

All of which brings me here to you at Thunder Press as the new Editor in Chief. 

It’s a small bit of irony that I’m following TP’s former Editor, Mitch Boehm, as he was the guy that gave me the opportunity to become a full-fledged motojournalist as a staffer at Motorcyclist nearly 25 years ago. Now he’s moved on to helm American Motorcyclist, the AMA’s magazine, and he’s already doing terrific work there. 

“Oh, gawd,” I hear some of you moaning. “This new dude had better not fark up my magazine!” 

Well, any transition will have detractors, of course, but there actually won’t be much change from the current format. Mitch did an excellent job elevating the journalistic standards here at TP during a transitional period, and I’m grateful for the path he trod for me to follow. 

Telling stories about cool motorcycles and the people who build and ride them and gather at events around the country will continue to be our priority. I’m proud to help steer the TP ship along our journey together. 

Now, if you excuse me, I must begin packing for my test on Harley’s most adventurous new model since I began riding motorcycles nearly a half century ago.

And, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to meet you on Thunder Press’ Peaks and Passes tour in the European Alps with our friends at Edelweiss Bike Travel this August! 



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