We all know the dangers of distracted drivers, but how often do the dire consequences involve two members of the same family?

Recently, a motorcyclist calling himself HD Jake posted a YouTube video displaying footage from the GoPro mounted on his helmet. The 4 ½-minute clip starts with a young man chatting with his mom in a parking lot. They bid each other farewell, she gets in her car and he starts up his nice, shiny black Sportster and rolls out of the lot and onto the street.

He reaches an intersection with a yield sign, slows down to check for traffic, turns around to look in back of him and whomp! Down goes the bike. He’s been rear-ended by his mother. Stunned and shaken, he takes a minute to stand up, while Mom exclaims, “I’m so sorry! Oh, my God, Jacob. F%#& me!” Jake responds with a string expletives and Mom blurts out, “Goddamn, I didn’t even see you!”


The video clip ended at that point, and fortunately, it didn’t look like Jake was injured in the accident, although we don’t know how much damage the Sportster incurred. Within a week, the video titled, “My own mom rear ended me on my Harley!” was deleted, most likely after Jake cooled down a bit, or maybe to prevent his mom from being issued a distracted or reckless driving ticket.

The irony of it all? Mom’s last words to Jake before they left the parking lot: “Love ya! Drive safe! Watch out for idiots!”


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