Feeling Moody this morning at breakfast

But the Show Me’s now in the rearview mirror

I’m heading S on the 223

62 will bring the gobble (x2) trot hamlet near.


We’ll basecamp out of that mystery location

Which just happens to be the county seat

Named after the People Rule’s second governor

With a ‘ville’ thrown in, cause that’s always neat.


Tomorrow, a serpentine loop pushin’ 100 clicks

I’ve circled round that Buffalo before

Tomorrow night it’s a ruminant walk to ba-ba-barbecue

From a friend’s Crooked Creek home on the shore.


The 1930s found the town to be quite progressive

An all-female council, mayor, treasurer and more

The ladies put an end to loose livestock within city limits

Ranchers of the day bit their lip even though already sore


Tell me, where am I?


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