I’m looking for a body of water
Prior to 1936, it was just desert ground
Now, it can scarcely be seen from the State Route
The lower water has revealed a B-29 downed

This road handle is a third of a fiver
A gambler’s rounding-up to see that it’s clean
No longer categorized a State highway
A State Route on the N Shore—your clues to glean

There are wildflowers in the desert until May Day
An ocular device might put the reservoir on a bead
Drought has water receding for over a decade
Meaningless evidence if science under-worthy of heed

So tell me what water body I’m seeking
Not wine Honey but there’s a big clue in that
Name the State Route and spot for a swim there
For the reward, just step up to the bat.

So tell me, Where am I?

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