Known as a record-setting pioneer of speed, Glenn Curtiss built the first American V-Twin and rode it to a record-setting 64 mph in 1903. Curtiss sold his motorcycles under three different brands between 1902 and 1912. Flash forward 110 years, and the Curtiss Motorcycle Co. has released The 1, a compelling electric motorcycle. To mark the occasion, Curtiss released a documentary titled The Opposite of Death. According to a press release from Curtiss Motorcycle Co., the documentary “highlights the revival of the Curtiss marque and its path to create the ultimate motorcycling experience with the Curtiss 1.” There’s no doubt the new electric Curtiss looks cool, but will it be a worthy successor to the motorcycles of old? Read the press release below, watch the documentary, and decide for yourself.

Curtiss Motorcycle opposite of death poster 2

New Orleans, La. (June 29, 2022) – Curtiss Motorcycle Co.’s “The Opposite of Death,” a documentary chronicling the brand’s historical significance and the innovative processes involved with creating The 1, the first bespoke two-wheeled electric motorcycle in history designed and built from the ground up, is now available for viewing for free on Curtiss Motorcycle’s website and YouTube channel.

Produced and directed by Gareth Maxwell Roberts, “The Opposite of Death” will bring motoring enthusiasts of all backgrounds to Curtiss Motorcycle’s headquarters and the roads of New Orleans for a detailed account of what makes The 1 an original, sustainable, and everlasting motorcycle. Adding their commentary and insight to the documentary are Roberts; founder and CEO Matt Chambers; The 1’s lead designer, JT Nesbitt; design engineer Vinay Valleru; and designer and strategist Jordan Cornille.

The 1 contains a patent-pending Centered Power Axis, stabilizing the motorcycle and yielding a smooth and balanced riding experience. An industry-first, immersion-cooled Curtiss Hex Pack battery solution alleviates all generated heat and provides insulation, optimizing the rider’s safety in the process.

Curtiss Motorcycle The 1 electric motorcycle

Combined with an axial flux electric powertrain, billet aluminum, titanium and carbon-fiber state-of-the-art monocoque, and an adjustable multilink suspension system, The 1 is a fully bespoke motorcycle that can last generations of prolonged riding, offering functionality that will not acquiesce to obsolescence.

To view “The Opposite of Death” and for more information on The 1, visit the Curtiss Motorcycles website. Watch the trailer for the documentary below.


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