“The EagleRider Buyback Program is a game-changer and totally unheard of in the industry. EagleRider has completely removed the risk of buying a used motorcycle; by allowing a customer to simply walk-away for any reason, no questions asked.”

“The number-one concern preventing people from purchasing the bike of their dreams is fear: wondering if they can afford it, wondering if they’ll like it, wondering if their spouse will get upset, etc. With the Buyback program, we hand our guests a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card that they can use later, for any reason. This removes our customers’ number-one concern—if they don’t want the bike for any reason, just take it back. It’s that simple, but no other motorcycle retailer has ever attempted such a radical approach.”

“That’s the faith EagleRider has in our ERC Certified Pre-Owned motorcycles. We know our customers will love them—so if they don’t for any reason, they can simply walk away, no questions asked.”

“Once again EagleRider leads the industry with an innovative, customer-first approach that changes the game and improves our guests’ experience. The ERC Buyback Program is valid on all of our thousands of pre-owned Harley-Davidson, Indian, BMW, Triumph, Honda, and Yamaha models.”


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