Libra represents the 7th sign of the zodiac and the theme that characterizes partnerships. Libra’s are smooth talkers, very charming and know how to present the pros and cons of any case. Be warned: You may not want to dive into a debate with a Libra, unless you have all the facts, because they surely will.


They truly care about others and will often compromise to make everyone happy. Harmony and balance in their lives and in their relationships are crucial for them, sometimes at all costs.


This month we are entering eclipse season, October 8, 2014 marks our Total Lunar Eclipse and October 23, 2014 ushers in our Partial Solar Eclipse. These are dates to pay close attention to. No hot wheeling on these days! In ancient times people feared an eclipse but in our day and age, we have become somewhat accustom to changing times and solar occurrences. Life can take lots of twists and turns during this month but this truly is a time to take stock of your life and be willing to look at what areas you need to change. It’s time to clean your spiritual house. What do you need to let go of?


We are also entering a Mercury retrograde during October 4–26, 2014, a time when we know the traditional advice is, “don’t travel, don’t sign contracts and back up your computers.” The planet Mercury will change directions this month and can create a lot of erratic energy in our communications, especially through the airways. Basically, think twice before hitting send. The good news is you will be able to see things that you may have missed and your insights will be very heightened. During this phase you might also want to keep you jumper cables handy, just in case.


Let’s take a ride through the signs and see what areas are highlighted for you:


Aries: Born 3/22–4/22


With Mercury retrograding in your relationships it will be very important this month to be careful what you blurt out of your mouth. C’mon, Aries, don’t deny it, you have been in trouble before for your quick responses and bad check-valves. Sometimes you’re curt and to the point but you always mean well. Just remember that the other party might not be seeing things the same way. The airways may be very erratic this month, but your career is still on the rise. October is the month to get your ducks in a row and November will be a great time for you to make your debut.


Taurus: Born 4/22–5/22


This month you will need to keep an eye on the everyday things that surround you. Electrical stuff at home, computer issues and dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s in any legal matters or contracts. Just remember, this too shall pass and if you take things one-step at a time, you’ll make it through to the other side. Sprucing up your home office is still in the limelight. Keep at it, Taurus, your efforts will soon payoff.


Gemini: Born 5/22–6/22


You’ve had a lot on your plate, which you are usually good at, but let’s be honest; even you could use a little help, Gemini. Through the month of October you may notice a lot of friends offering to lend a hand. Don’t be afraid to take it. Mercury retrograde will highlight your love life, kids and entertainment. Things may not go exactly as desired, so leave some flexibility in your plans and keep a helmet ready. You may have to learn to go with the flow just a little in October.


Cancer: Born 6/22–7/22


You may be bursting at the seams, Cancer. You’ve been behind the scenes lately, and working so hard, but you’re ready to break out! It could be as simple as being the one to volunteer to go out and get coffee and donuts for the crew. You can be content hiding in your shell, but everything about October is pushing you out into the world. That restless feeling deep inside is there for a reason and the road is calling. Time to explore all your options!! This is the time to think big and out of the box.


Leo: Born 7/22–8/22


OK, Leo, October is a little tricky for you but with some astro-advice, we should be able to get you through it just fine. You are actually getting ready for a major change in your life, and trust me this will be welcomed. But I see a few land minds around family in October and November. There may still be a few unresolved issues. The next two months is an important time to make amends or truly wish someone well. Watch what you write on the Internet this month, Mercury retrograde is buzzing around your communication. Be cautious, you don’t want to get in any trouble saying the wrong thing.


Virgo: Born 8/22–9/22


October is a great month to go over your moneymaking ideas. Is there any place you can fine tune? Watch out for old money issues coming to the surface, at the same time, you may be able to find a way to finally take care of past debt! Money has been a concern the last few years, but Virgo, the current is finally changing for you in the money department both literally and figuratively. Can you make money from home? There is a lot of positive energy around home enterprises. If there’s a will there’s a way.


Libra: Born 9/22–10/22


Happy Birthday, Libra! This month is all about getting out there and celebrating. You may notice that you are very popular in your community circle. This could include your Internet buddies. You know how to have a party, and you love the good things in life. You may be reevaluating your life right now. This month is considered your new year, so make those resolutions or make a new goal for the year. And don’t forget, your dreams and wishes are on the horizon this year, so don’t hesitate, dream away!! You deserve the best!


Scorpio: Born 10/22–11/22


If there is any sign that can rise from the ashes it’s you! You may feel like you’ve been through deep transformational changes, but you have also found your strength and determination. As we enter this Mercury retrograde, you may be thinking back to all you have been through. But this time it’s time to celebrate, your life is truly changing and the next few months you will begin to take ownership of your new life. Be open to financial options, communicating with others and focusing on your career. The doors are finally opening and the sun is reflecting off that chrome. Happy times are ahead.


Sagittarius: Born 1/22–12/22


Well, Sag, this is your month to come out strong. You know that change is necessary and you are starting to feel strong about who you are. You can gain a lot of insight from your circle of friends, and your dreams for the future are starting to sparkle. You are being prepared to focus on your identity and who you are in this world. This month will stir up those thoughts and desires. People from the past may come back in this month. It’s a good time to make things right.


Capricorn: Born 12/22–1/22


You’ve been working hard in your mind, planning your rise to the top. Caps are famous for building empires from the ground up. Your mind is bursting with creative ideas and you may finally get a financial break to make your dream a reality. October is the month to take a look at all the fine print and how you are presenting your ideas. Take your time and get all the facts right on paper first. You have a lot of energy and resources behind you to shift into another gear.


Aquarius: Born 1/22–2/22


Look around you and notice the people coming into your life. You have been working hard behind the scenes, too, but your awesome ability to tap into the current trends is coming into play. Your relationships are really important right now, how you present yourself and hitting the road with the right entourage is important. You are getting ready to get that lucky break. Take a step back and look at where you are right now, what changes can you still make. You have a lot of support coming your way!


Pisces: Born 2/22–3/22


You may have felt like a hermit, Pisces, or lost in a deep sea of confusion, but good news; the murky waters are starting to clear and you should feel yourself coming up for air and ready to hit the wind. You have a little more behind the scene paper work to take care of first. I know, reality is not your forte but you have to get these old issues cleared up so you can come up strong. Pisces can be drained by heavy issues, so buck up, face them head on and free your self for the next great cycle throughout the holidays. Your career is in the spotlight and it’s time to show the world what your really made of, Pisces.


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