Howdy! Grab a chair an’ a beer! I don’t usually get too serious about things, but sometimes things get serious without me, an’ I have to run to catch up. Sometimes I look at what’s goin’ on around me here in America, an’ I wonder where we’ll be in another 10 years, an’ if we’ll even have the illusion of freedom we have now. Yeah, I know it’s happenin’ all over, but it’s worse here than most states. Half of my friends have packed up an’ moved away, more are thinkin’ about it, an’ I can see why. Sure, we’ve got the weather, an’ most of us ride year-round, but we’ve also got the most restrictive government in the U.S. of A. I have to say, though, that what they lack in intelligence, morals and foresight, they more than make up for with arrogance. Yeah, I’m pissed; can ya tell? If ya aren’t, ya damn well should be; these are your rights gettin’ stepped on too!
The Feds, who are supposed to be trillions in debt, gave California a grant for “motorcycle safety programs,” even though the death and injury rate has dropped in the last few years. So, how do they spend it? Did they start awareness programs? Driver education ads on TV? Rider safety courses? Nawww, not enough money there. Instead, they set up motorcycle-only checkpoints where they flag ya in, “inspect” your bike and then write ya an expensive ticket for pipes, helmets an’ anythin’ else they can find wrong. So much for “safety programs!” They don’t care if ya die; they just want to make sure you’re flat broke when ya do.
I know these discriminatory checkpoints have been defeated and outlawed in at least one state, but here in the People’s Republic of California it’s constitution be damned—an’ they’re hittin’ us hard!
A lot of clubs used to meet in Fresno several times a year, including the East Bay Dragons, who have been around and respected for many decades. There were more than a thousand riders in town at one time, and they filled up motels, ate at restaurants, bought supplies, and really helped the local economy, but police harassment has caused them to abandon the tradition, costing good ol’ Fresno revenue running into the millions. Good thinkin’ there, Barney Fife!
As though hassling ya on your bike wasn’t enough, another grant was for the infamous roadside smog checks for your cage.
Your ol’ lady is takin’ the kids to school, when she passes a sign that say “survey crew ahead” an’ when she starts to drive past, they flag her over, order her an’ the kids out of the car, drive it over to a portable dyno trailer, and proceed to run the gas out.
Now ya may ask, “What’s wrong with wantin’ cleaner air?” Nothin’s wrong with wantin’ cleaner air, but these checks are not only illegal, they’re wrong on way too many levels. Let’s think about this for a minute… There are blatant constitutional rights violations here, and they are important! You’re supposed to have constitutional protection from search and seizure without probable cause and due process, so let’s see what Officer Friendly thinks of those rights:
Did ya smog your cage every two years to license it? Sure ya did! Is it licensed? Yep! Is it smokin’? Nope. Where’s the “probable cause” to stop ya?
A) The “survey crew” sign is entrapment. It’s a boldface lie to get ya within strikin’ distance.
B) They order ya out of your vehicle, confiscate it against your will, then proceed to burn the gas that ya paid for an’ not even give ya a certificate to use when ya license your car at DMV.
They took your car, drove it away, and burned your $4.19-per-gallon gas, didn’t they? Damn right they did, an’ they didn’t pay ya for it either! Was your property confiscated without due process or compensation? Yep!
So… Are ya gettin’ pissed yet?
These violations aren’t vague, these are right there in black and white for all to see in the 5th and 14th Amendments! No, they didn’t take your house without payin’ ya, but this is the first step toward them bein’ able to do just that! And even though these roadside inquisitions are illegal, you’ll still be jailed if ya don’t let them step on your rights.
When you’re pulled over ya have no choice but to acquiesce or be arrested, so kids are left waiting at school, doctor appointments are missed, and your time is wasted so the CHP and local police can justify the spendin’ of grant money that’s taken from your taxes! So, do ya feel like you’ve been raped yet?
Now that I’ve got ya thinkin’, “What can I do about it? I’m just one person!” I’ll tell ya what ya can do: Call your state legislators and complain; be civil; point out all the facts; read them the 5th and 14th Amendments word for word since they obviously aren’t familiar with them; and keep callin’ until they realize how mad we all are just before election time! Ya can also write letters, assuming that they are somewhat literate. (This is questionable; they didn’t do so well with readin’ the Constitution now did they?)
Anyway, it’s your state—be it California or anywhere else in America—that the Feds have these illegal stops poppin’ up in. So get out there an’ take it back!


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